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Bayley On Damage CTRL: They Are Hungry, I Need People Like That To Push Me

Bayley wants the world to see what Damage CTRL can really do.

During an appearance on In The Kliq, Bayley spoke about her relationship with Damage CTRL and how they have been there for each other. Bayley said that she’s been friends with Dakota Kai for a long time, but they will all push each other to new heights.

“I’ve been friends with Dakota for a while now, before she ever got signed to WWE. IYO is just, if you haven’t watched any of her matches in the past in Japan or anything, she’s one of the women’s wrestlers, one of the best wrestlers, today. I wanted to align myself with women who, you know, maybe the world hasn’t been able to see yet. Not that they haven’t seen the things they’ve done in NXT or know what they’re capable of, but to a grander stage. I want these women to be seen on WrestleMania, I want these women to be seen on SummerSlam, and they’re hungry for it.

“They’re so hungry for it that I know if I align myself with women like that, it’s only gonna make me more successful as well, and I need people like that around me to push me. I’ve been in WWE for ten years and on RAW and SmackDown for all six years. So I need a little push, I need a little spark, and as much as I’ve been able to do, I haven’t been able to do it with a crew like this that can literally, they’re the women’s tag team champions, you know. We’re only a couple of steps away from taking over the whole division, so I’ve had a plan, a master plan, they know the plan, and we’re doing it.”

Bayley has Bianca Belair in her sights, and it’s a match that fans missed out on seeing due to injuries and the pandemic. Bayley says she has a win over Belair in tag team action, and she’ll close the book on the RAW Women’s Champion when she’s ready.

“I think Bianca just had a chip on her shoulder from when I pinned her at Clash at the Castle, which nobody did in 300 days until I came back. Like I said, the division misses me. But the main thing to our story is that right before I got injured, we were supposed to have an ‘I Quit’ match, and that was gonna be the first time in front of fans again. It was like ripped out from under us, so I know we’ve both been thinking about that during this time off that I’ve had. Of course, it’s something I still wanna get done. Of course it’s something that I need to prove to myself, and that’s just going to be the end chapter of our story, I believe. But it’s not gonna happen as fast as she wants it to because I got other things to do.”

Dakota Kai recently shared the meaning behind Damage CTRL’s name; read where the group got the inspiration for the moniker here.

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