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Kofi Kingston Wants A Role In The Upcoming Black Panther TV Series

Kofi Kingston has expressed his interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On the August 26 episode of WWE SmackDown, Kingston tipped his cap to Marvel when he used a Mjolnir-like hammer during a Viking Rules tag team match against the Viking Raiders. Kingston and his New Day stablemates, Big E and Xavier Woods, are known for their appreciation of pop culture, and many fans were delighted to see this unofficial crossover.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Kingston was asked whether using the hammer was a call out to the Marvel Universe, and he noted that he likes to combine pop culture with their in-ring work.

“We just put stuff out there and then we hope for the best, you know what I mean? We’re all big Marvel fans, DC fans,” Kingston said. “Any time we can kind of like combine pop culture with what we do, it hits with a certain audience, man. That’s what’s kind of made us, it gives us like that street cred with people. We got that bond for sure.

Kingston was then asked if he had a message he wanted to send to the bosses at Marvel. He responded by stating that he, alongside his New Day stablemates, would love to be in a Marvel movie, and he also referenced the untitled Black Panther television series that’s in development.

“Hey, look man, there’s a lot of us that are Marvel fans,” Kingston said. “Myself, Woods and E, your boys, the New Day would love to be in a Marvel movie. I know Black Panther got a whole series coming out. You know, I already fit the mold. I was born in the motherland, you know what I’m saying? Put your boy on the show. We put things out into the universe. It’s all about putting yourself out there.”

The former WWE Champion’s aforementioned use of the hammer can be seen below.

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