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Swerve Strickland Sees Himself As The P. Diddy To Max Caster’s LL Cool J

Swerve Strickland is happy to let Max Caster be the rapper of All Elite Wrestling when he can be a mogul instead.

One half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions Swerve Strickland was the latest guest on Under The Ring to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When talking about Max Caster, Swerve revealed that he never wanted to clash with his character in All Elite Wrestling, and that’s why he chose to go more of the mogul route than the rapper route.

“Shout out to Max Caster for being the first rapper here in AEW doing it his way,” Swerve Strickland said. “I never wanted to clash with him, and as far as characters, so I just removed myself from rapper and just made myself a mogul. Because that’s just a different level of still supporting the hip hop culture but just in two different lanes, so it’s like, how I envision is like an LL Cool J versus a P Diddy. You know, P. Diddy can rap, but he’s a mogul, primarily. But LL Cool J is one of the greatest rappers of all time and in the world. So it’s just two different lanes, but you get the same type of — you get the lovers of hip hop.”

When asked about Keith Lee rapping his WWE entrance theme, Swerve revealed that Lee told him that the first time he ever rapped was for that theme.

“He did. He told me that was his first time ever rapping was for that song,” Swerve Strickland revealed. “He never rapped. He’s a singer. He’s more of an alternative singer.”

When asked if there would be an opportunity for himself and Keith Lee to record a track together in the future, Swerve teased that it might be possible but joked that it’s really hard to get Lee out of bed and into the studio.

“I’m very sure maybe, so we’ll see,” Swerve Strickland teased. “It’s hard to get that man out of bed, let alone get him in the studio. So we’ll see about that, especially like, getting into a studio like send a verse. Three months later go by; where’s that verse? Where’s that hook? Where’s that chorus? So it’s tricky with that. But he has a lot of things going on in his life, too. He’s like building some things and other projects outside of just wrestling. So I think we’ll see that come either later this year or beginning of 2023 in the foreseeable future. So he’s got some big things coming too.”

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