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Bobby Fish Is Against Human Trafficking, Dismisses Claims He’s Part Of QAnon

Bobby Fish wants to set the record straight regarding his friendship with former WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz, which has led to people thinking he’s a member of QAnon.

On the latest episode of The Undisputed Podcast, former All Elite Wrestling star Bobby Fish took the time to clear up some misconceptions about himself that have come up on the internet in recent years due to his friendship with former WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz.


“Do you guys know QAnon? I get accused of being that all the time,” Bobby Fish began. “Well, so part of it is, you remember Drake Wuertz, right? So Drake’s pretty upfront about his faith and his religion and whatnot, and for me, I’m into that. I don’t mind it. I think other people it rubs the wrong way. Drake is also running for office in Florida. Anyway, Drake had come out at some point about human trafficking. Which I think we can all agree because the three of you, I feel like I know you all well enough to know that we’re not down with human trafficking.

I don’t think there’s anything that I can think of that are more evil in this world, right? So Drake posted something about that, and I reposted it or somehow showed support for it. I’ve also, at some point, donated to Drake’s campaign for no reason other than the fact that he’s my friend. We used to work together; you support friends.

Apparently, there’s some things tied up in the human trafficking, like the people that are against human trafficking, that somehow are aligned with some things that are not necessarily positive, but somehow if you come out and support it’s like all or nothing like you can’t be nuanced. You’re either home team or away team.

And then somehow, like I’m seeing these things that QAnon is the thing and I think somehow Trump supporters get wrapped up in that. You’re definitely a racist if you are one of them as well. So like, somehow, I was called a racist. All because I was against human trafficking. You know, I don’t know. We should probably move away from all of this.”

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