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NWA Pretty Empowered Surge Results (9/27): Women’s Title Match And More

The National Wrestling Alliance delivered a special edition of NWA Powerrr Surge on September 27.

Hosted by NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions Pretty Empowered, it featured a singles bout where Rhett Titus took on Bestia 666. Plus, Cyon faced The Now in a handicap match.

The results are as follows:

  • Marti Belle def. Madi Wrenkowski
  • Pretty Empowered interview Kerry Morton and ask him about his match tonight. They also flirt with him a little bit.
  • Dirty Sexy Boys (Dirty Dango & JTG) and Miserably Faithful (Gaagz The Gymp & Sal The Pal) def. The Ill Begotten (Alex Taylor & Jeremiah Plunkett) and The Spectaculars (Brady Pierce & Rush Freeman)
  • Pretty Empowered introduced Roxie as their third member, and she says she’s honored to join them. They tell her that she should appreciate them.
  • Rhett Titus def. Bestia 666 (w/ Damian 666); Damian accidentally misted Bestia, and Titus rolled him up.
  • Pretty Empowered interview KiLynn King and ask her what it feels like to be the king. She says it’s self-explanatory. The duo say she could enroll in their “pretty empowered plus” program.
  • Handicap Match: The NOW (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus) def. Cyon (w/ Austin Idol); Cyon seemingly hurt his leg during the match, and Idol encouraged him to get counted out.
  • Kyle Davis announces that, after Tyrus cashed in his “Lucky Seven” option, a new NWA World Television Champion will be crowned. 10 people will compete in two five-person matches, and the winners will face off in a singles match. The ten competitors are Ricky Morton, Jax Dane, Anthony Mayweather, Marshe Rockett, AJ Cazana, Caprice Coleman, Jordan Clearwater, Da Pope, Rush Freeman, and Max The Impaler.
  • NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) def. Max The Impaler (NWA 74 Encore Presentation)

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