jordynne grace
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Jordynne Grace Discusses The Importance Of Mickie James, Potentially Retiring Her

Jordynne Grace is no stranger to big matches in the world of IMPACT Wrestling, but when it comes to potentially winning a match to end someone’s career, she might have to think about it.

Speaking to Counted Out recently, Grace was asked about her relationship with Mickie James, a legend in the wrestling world and a pioneer for women’s wrestling as a whole. According to Grace, James is a legend, and her presence in the locker room is important.

“Well, first of all, I think it’s important because Mickey is older, and she’s in her 40s,” Grace said. “And I think it’s extremely important for women wrestling, especially nowadays, to have the representation of someone who’s a veteran like that. It is extremely rare to see women be able to wrestle at the caliber that she does at her age, just because we have kids, so our bodies get beat up quicker. And you have guys like PCO, we have like 60-year-old men out here wrestling, and we don’t have the same representation in women. So I think that it’s incredible that we have someone like her in the locker room who’s a veteran. I’ve always said to myself, ‘Well, I’m going to stop wrestling when I’m 30.’ That’s four years away, that’s likely not going to happen. Right? And you know, Mickey is…don’t quote me, 42 maybe. Yeah, still going. And I’m like, well, maybe I have another decade or so left. So she’s definitely someone that I looked look up to in that regard.”

Grace was then asked what she think might happen in the situation where James would put her career on the line for a chance at Grace’s Knockouts Championship. According to Grace, while she hasn’t thought about that scenario, she would have to do what she would have to do in order to retain her title.

“Man, I haven’t been asked this question,” said Grace. “And I have not even given it a single thought. So I mean, I got to do what I got to do, right? Like, I mean, she is the one who set this up for herself. It’s not going to be my fault if I win the match. Like she’s the one who told the fans that if she loses another match that she’ll quit not going to be on me.”

Jordynne Grace is no stranger to big matches, but when it comes to potentially facing a legend with their career on the line, she would have to think about it.