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BLK Jeez: Fans Don’t Like Tyrus Because He Speaks His Mind, But He’s A Good Dude

Tyrus will be main eventing his second straight National Wrestling Alliance pay-per-view in November, and BLK Jeez doesn’t see a problem with it.

BLK Jeez recently sat down with the Shining Wizards Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the current fan backlash against Tyrus in the main event scene of the National Wrestling Alliance, Jeez believes it comes down to the fact that Tyrus speaks his mind, and fans don’t like that.

I look at it like this: people are going to have their own opinions, regardless of anything. Tyrus is himself. He’s a man. He speaks his mind,” BLK Jeez said. “We’re in a world where people frown on people that speak their mind. They want everyone to just agree with them. They don’t want people to have a differing opinion. Tyrus stands on his own two feet, and he speaks his mind, and people don’t like it. He’s a good dude, man. I had the same problem. I speak my mind. People have their own thoughts on me. I don’t worry about what they think. I just do me. That’s the only thing you can do. People want to think what they want.”

When asked about the owner of the National Wrestling Alliance, Billy Corgan, BLK Jeez said he’s very approachable and that he knows his wrestling history.

“He’s just a dude. I assumed it might be that way, but from the time that I met him, he’s been cool,” BLK Jeez said. “He’s very approachable. And he knows his history, and he knows his stuff. So when you talk to him, it’s not weird. You never think you’re talking to somebody that doesn’t know what’s going on. He does know what’s going on and he doesn’t miss anything. So, it’s a really good thing going on with Billy. I’ve been around a lot of promoters that don’t know what they’re doing, but this isn’t the case right now.”

While it seems that both BLK Jeez and Billy Corgan share the same sentiment when it comes to Tyrus, it’s worth mentioning that many fans care a lot more about Tyrus’s ability to perform inside the ring than what he currently does outside of it.

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What do you make of BLK Jeez’s comments? Do you think he’s missing the point regarding wrestling fans’ opinion of Tyrus? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.