Heath Is Ready To Call His Shot, Has Unfinished Business At Bound For Glory

Heath is ready to get back in the saddle and move one step closer to winning gold in IMPACT Wrestling.

Heath is one of the entrants in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory, and he recently spoke with WrestleZone about why the match feels like unfinished business. The Red Head Rebel was injured in the 2020 match and now aims to stay in this year’s bout long enough to walk out the winner.

“Honestly, that’s exactly how I’m working at it [as unfinished business]. I thought I was strong two years ago, I thought I was ready. I thought I was going to go in there and win it all. The next thing you know, [I got hurt] and it took me out for 11 months. So, yes, I do have paybacks. Yes, I do want to go in there and kick its ass. I got to just face one of those little fears, man, that two years ago I went in that ring at Bound for Glory and the Call Your Shot Gauntlet, and I was out. So this time I got to go in there and stay a little bit longer.”

Has he thought about which title he’ll cash that title shot in on when he wins the Gauntlet match?

“Honestly, I’ve been thinking if Rhyno gets back in time and he would like to talk it over and go for the tag titles one more time. I would love to do that with him just because, we’ve held titles in other companies and stuff, but not this one yet. I would love to hold the IMPACT Tag Team titles with him. Then other than that, man, there’s only one other title I think anyone would want there, and that’s that [IMPACT] heavyweight championship. So of course, that’s always on the radar.”

“The way that I’m out there right now, going on as this Red Head Rebel and everything I feel like anything can be unpredictable. Who knows what’s going to happen? Who knows what’s going to, which way I’m going to go and everything? So there’s a nice little story behind all of it also.”

Heath seems to have his sights set on two titles, but added that he wouldn’t discount the X Division title.

“I’m not going to lie, man. Those guys, they can go. They’re good, every one of them. That division is one of the things to where I think that title is pretty too. So if the opportunity arises, of course I’m going to grab it also. You just asked me what was on my mind and what I was wanting. Don’t get me wrong, man, [if] that title swings my way. I’ll grab it.”

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