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Johnny Gargano Is Getting His Mojo Back, Big E Gets Shamed For Manscaping

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Here’s a brand new edition of the WrestleZone Roundup, taking a look at the latest and greatest social media content around these parts — Saddle up!

Johnny Gargano is finding his groove again, writing the following message to his supporters:

“I feel like I’m slowly getting my groove back but I’m not truly at the top of my game just yet,” Gargano wrote. “But if you’re new to my work or have supported me from day one.. This is just a quick shout to all of you that have my back out there. I hear ya and I’m truly grateful for y’all!”

Big E doesn’t appreciate getting clowned for taking care of himself:

Effy is fine.

Make some noise for Evil Uno


Nyla Rose is spittin’ facts!

Joey Janela highlights one negative of jumping off of shit

Game recognizes game as Post Malone recreates Triple H’s entrance with the man himself:

Aliyah is out with an injury, but it’s not a secret. She can, however, confirm that she is sexy.

Ending on a bit of a more wholesome note, Sammy Guevara saves a turtle twosome in the latest episode of his vlog:


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