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Edge Joins Cast Of ‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ On Disney+

The Rated R Superstar Edge has landed a role in a big upcoming project for the Disney+ streaming service.

According to Variety, Adam Copeland, Suzanne Cryer, and Jessica Parker Kennedy have all been added to the upcoming Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

The article states that Edge “will appear in a recurring guest star role as Ares, the god of War. Ares is described as ‘handsome in a wicked way and arrogant, despite not always being the sharpest tool in the shed. He loves conflict and acts as an agent of chaos wherever he goes.'”

This series was initially revealed by Disney last month at their annual D23 event, the series is expected to premiere in early 2024.

While Edge’s acting career continues, he recently spoke about having his pro wrestling career winding down. Edge spoke to the fans after RAW in Toronto this year and said he wants to have his last match the next time WWE comes to town.

“30 years ago, 30 years ago, July 1st, 1992, I had my first wrestling match as Adam Copeland,” Edge said. “I knew one day, I’d be standing right here in front of you, I just knew it. What I didn’t dream of is that I would have to retire for nine years and fight, fight with every fiber of my being to get this back. All of you are the reason for that. This is a reciprocal relationship. I just went toe-to-toe with one of the best talents and the future of this industry in Damian Priest. I can’t wait to do it some more.

“I can’t wait to hopefully come back one last time, one last time here in Toronto. I’m looking at the calendar, we usually come here in August. So next August, I plan on seeing each and every one of you, and in a perfect world, we’ll all say goodbye to each other that night. Hey, that’s okay, man. This is the place for me to do it. I mean this when I say it — I love all of you. In case you missed it, I love being Canadian.”

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