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WWE SmackDown Results (10/14/22): Bray Wyatt Appears, Fatal 4-Way And More

WWE will deliver a star-studded episode of WWE SmackDown on October 14.

Bray Wyatt will appear on the show, less than a week after he returned to the company at WWE Extreme Rules. Plus, a Fatal 4-Way Match will determine the next contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

The results are as follows:

The show opens in the parking lot, where Karrion Kross and Scarlett have been in an apparent car accident. Paramedics arrive, and Drew McIntyre kicks Kross while he’s down by attacking “The Herald of Doomsday” until officials separate them.

Kofi Kingston (with Xavier Woods) vs. Sami Zayn (with Jey Uso)

The New Day cuts a promo and talks about their record as the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE. They say the record is their legacy. Backstage, Jey Uso confronts Sami Zayn, and Zayn tells Uso he’s out there with him, and he doesn’t want a repeat of what happened on RAW. Zayn gets a phone call from Roman Reigns and accuses Jey of choosing to do nothing on Monday. He hands the phone to Jey, who defends himself before Reigns apparently chews him out. Once the bell rings, Kingston gains an early advantage, but Zayn takes control after a commercial. He grounds the former WWE Champion. He slams Kingston to the mat. Kingston rallies with a dropkick that catches Zayn in mid-air. He takes charge with a flurry of offense. Zayn cradles him for a two count. Kingston knees him in the face. Zayn sends Kingston crashing off the top rope and down to the floor.

Kingston keeps fighting and hits the S.O.S. for a two count. He dives onto Zayn at ringside. Uso and Woods stare each other down, and Uso drops him with a superkick. Zayn gets a near fall with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Kingston knocks Uso off the apron, and Zayn rolls him up for a two count. Kingston rolls him Zayn, but Uso kicks the pin so that Zayn comes out on top and pins Kingston.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Triple H is talking to some police officers backstage. Rey Mysterio shows up and says he has reached his breaking point with what’s been happening with Dominik. He says he can’t do this anymore, and he wanted to tell Triple H he quits. Triple H says there has to be another way, and he wants to find a solution. They go into Triple H’s office to talk about it.

Backstage, Roxanne Perez chooses Raquel Rodriguez to be Cora Jade’s opponent on NXT. Bayley interrupts and wonders why Perez didn’t choose her. Bayley vows to embarrass Perez, Rodriguez and Shotzi tonight.

Braun Strowman vs. James Maverick and Brian Thomas

Strowman dominates his opponents and easily overpowers them. Omos and MVP walk through the crowd, and the big man stares down Strowman. “The Monster Among Monsters” slams Thomas with a powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Omos teases approaching Strowman, but MVP holds him back. MVP calls Strowman an impressive specimen and says Omos, not Strowman, is the monster among monsters. He tells Strowman he looks normal standing next to Omos. He tells Strowman to watch his back. Strowman says Omos is nothing compared to him.

Backstage, Zayn takes credit for his win, and Uso gets frustrated. Solo Sikoa previews the main event and vows to win the gold.

LA Knight vs. mån.sôör (with ma.cé and Maxxine Dupri)

Knight takes control and sends mån.sôör to the outside. Dupri and ma.cé distract Knight. Mån.sôör gains the upper hand and grounds Knight. Knight fires back with a neckbreaker and a knee to the face. He takes his opponent down with a slingshot shoulder block. Ma.cé distracts Knight, but the latter knocks him off the apron. Knight hits mån.sôör with a Blunt Force Trauma for the win.

Winner: LA Knight

Knight gets a microphone and says he didn’t need the fans to chant for him. He says he’s putting the roster on notice because it’s LA Knight’s game.

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