Cameron Grimes The OC WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

The O.C. Agrees To Team With Cameron Grimes On WWE NXT

The O.C. are getting busy following their return to WWE, with the group agreeing to help out Cameron Grimes during tomorrow’s episode of NXT.

In a backstage segment tonight, AJ Styles and The O.C. were hanging out when Cameron Grimes rolled up to talk to them. He said that he’s been having trouble with the Schism and was hoping they would team up with him. The group then joked about Grimes’ crypto past, and said they are cash-only and brother-friendly, and would help out if Grimes needed it.

This left Grimes happy as ever, and with a loud “Too Sweet!” he quickly walked off, leaving The O.C. to begin discussing the possibilities of a big payday while Styles tried to explain to them that it didn’t work like that.

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