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Mustafa Ali: How Can I Get A US Title Shot When Seth Rollins Just Runs From Me?

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Mustafa Ali says he doesn’t see how we can reasonably get a United States Championship opportunity when Seth Rollins keeps ducking him.

Mustafa Ali has made it clear that he wants to be WWE United States Champion. Bobby Lashley, the previous United States Champion had promised him a title shot prior to losing the belt to Seth Rollins. Now, Seth Rollins has made it clear that Bobby Lashley’s promises do not hold up during his reign and he is flat-out denying Ali a title match.

Because of this, Mustafa Ali has made sure to attack Seth Rollins every single time he sees him, and now, on the most recent episode of WWE Raw Talk, Ali reiterated that he is the problem Seth Rollins will not be able to solve.

“Honestly, no. I don’t see the day when I must have only become the United States Champion. I mean, ask yourself, ‘How how can I become champion? How can I become the champion when Seth Rollins keeps running from me, every time he sees me?’ I mean, every week, he runs, every week. It’s a tactical retreat, kind of like your hairline, Byron,” Ali joked. “I apologize. That was me. I apologize. But back to the point. Seth can’t help but run away from me. I promise you, Seth is going to get tired of running from me before I get tired of chasing him. I am the problem that Seth Rollins cannot solve.”

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