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Chelsea Green Didn’t Expect A Second Chance To Work With Mickie James, Views Match As Their Epilogue

Chelsea Green is hoping Mickie James’ Last Rodeo is also their last hurrah together.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Chelsea Green spoke about her feud with Mickie James and the possibility that it ends soon. Mickie and Chelsea will face off on the November 10 episode of IMPACT Wrestling, and Chelsea spoke about how she’s getting second chance to work with James.

“Hopefully this is the last time because at this point, Mickie James has come back one million and one times to every company. So I’m hoping that this is our kind of last hurrah,” Chelsea noted. “But we’ll see. We’ll see what happens.”

Chelsea and Mickie faced off on the July 14 episode of IMPACT Wrestling and it looked like Mickie was calling it quits after the loss. James has since returned and now Chelsea agrees that this next match feels like an epilogue to their story.

“Yes, that’s exactly how I view it because I did not expect to have a second chance. The match that Mickie and I had months ago, that was the first time ever getting in the ring together as singles competitors. So there’s a lot more you can do when you know how someone works. And now going into this, I’ve gotten in the ring with her a couple times. I understand the way that she moves and she works and what goes through her head,” Chelsea explained. “So I do think this is a nice way to put a bow on something I didn’t even know we needed to be finished.”

Chelsea also spoke about getting a chance to work with her husband, Matt Cardona, in IMPACT Wrestling. The pair have worked in other companies together but never worked on-screen with each other until recently. Chelsea said it presented a different dynamic but

“They were bringing me back to IMPACT to be Matt’s surprise tag team partner [at Slammiversary]. We hadn’t really given [working together] much thought. We had been together, at that point, for five-plus years, and we realized very quickly that it is extremely different to be a partner at home as opposed to being a partner in a tag team in wrestling. It is very different, and we have been two singles competitors. I know he’s worked with Brian [Myers], but he’s never been paired with a female. He’s never been in an intergender tag team or a mixed tag or whatever. Other than having some bits and pieces with Santana Garrett, Britt Baker, and Deonna Purrazzo, I was a solo competitor. I was wrestling around the world just by myself. So to put us together for that first day to wrestle on Slammiversary — oh, my god, it was so hard.”

Green said they have worked since then to build a relationship in the ring. She said they have a solid foundation at home, but needed an identity on television.

“Separately, I’m the crazy Hot Mess, and he’s the beloved Zack Ryder. And he’s changing and evolving, and I was trying to figure out who the new me was. Together it was, ‘What is this?’ Everyone thinks we should be this perfect, cohesive unit, but you’re not just thrown in the ring and cohesive. That’s not how it works. So we’ve spent a lot of time figuring out our dynamics together. Matt’s a very stressed-out, high-strung person in wrestling. I’m a very laid-back, ‘it is what it is’ type of person. I go with the flow in the ring. I don’t really like to overanalyze. It’s been really hard. I prefer at GCW to be with him,” Chelsea stated. “I think we have this really cool connection and bond in front of the GCW fans. That doesn’t always translate in other rings.

“I like working with him at IMPACT, but I like working as a tag team with Deonna better. I just think we have, no pun intended, but we have more of an impact in women’s wrestling when we’re working together and trying to elevate women’s tag team wrestling. And then in NWA, I really like the dynamic we have with all the guys and me. It’s really fun. We hang out outside of NWA as well. It’s me, Mike Knox, VSK, Matt, and Brian Myers, so that family dynamic is cool,” Chelsea noted. “Matt and I don’t really come out together, but we have. It’s just interesting in every single promotion it’s different. But I will say God bless people like Mike [Bennett] and Maria [Kanellis] because it’s really hard to work, travel, live, and do everything with your spouse.”

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