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The Good Brothers Explain Decision To Return To WWE, Working Out Their Issues With HHH

The Good Brothers had a productive FaceTime conversation with Triple H in August that led to their WWE returns last month.

The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were the latest guests on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about their decision to return to the company, Gallows explained that while they had been in contact with AJ Styles, they weren’t thinking about returning at that time.

“It was weird how it worked out because we had gone back and forth with Uncle Al [AJ Styles] before the regime change, but we weren’t talking about anything,” Luke Gallows admitted. “Honestly, we had just done the two years in IMPACT, and we were thankful to them. It was a great two years there, but we wanted to recharge our batteries. We wanted to hit Japan pretty hard. So we were like, let’s just take this time. Let’s go to Japan through the New Year. And then let’s make a decision of what we want to do.

“So we’re in Dallas, and we’re doing our last match with the Motor City Machine Guns there. And we just get a text from Triple H, ‘Hey, guys, can we talk?’ and we went, well sh*t, here we go! Maybe we should text back and say let’s talk. But we still didn’t know if this was something that we could do or wanted to do or what was gonna come out of it after what had happened the last time. Then we got on the phone, and we could feel the new vibe and how positive everything was. And one thing led to another from there.”

Karl Anderson spoke on their relationship with Triple H and how he held some angst towards him following their release from the company in 2020.

“We always had a really good relationship with Triple H,” Karl Anderson said. “He was always our guy that when our contract was coming up at the end of 2019. And it was Hunter who we talked with and ended up signing a new deal with in 2019. And so we had a good relationship, and I think that’s why when we got released, I held some angst to even if we would ever go back again or ever speak to him again.

“I didn’t know that we’d ever talked to him. So we didn’t talk to Triple H for two and a half years. Besides one text like July of 2021, Gallows sent a selfie of me and him drinking beer to Triple H that said, ‘Hope you’re doing well, baby boy.’ About three days later, I said did Hunter ever text you back? And he goes no. Then about a day later, he goes, hey Hunter wrote back and said, ‘I hope you’re doing well.’

“But besides that, we didn’t speak at all, and we were just getting home from an IMPACT Wrestling weekend. It was, ironically, our final IMPACT Wrestling weekend. We get home, and we do a FaceTime with Hunter, and we talked, asked how the families were. He asked if we wanted to come back, kind of talked out our issues. He said, ‘Hey, that was then; this is now. Let’s push forward and go.’ That’s it. Let’s go. Let’s do it.

“I’m getting chills now thinking about it because I didn’t think we’d ever have that talk again. And not just the business talk to get the personal talk out, and so it was nice to just get all that on the table. It’s over. Let’s go; now we’re going forward. Because that was it, it was done like that. And then we still had to go back to Japan. We had to do a 10-day tour. I had a singles match with Tanahashi. Then we had to go to England for New Japan. And that was October 1st and 2nd, and nobody knew that we’d already planned to do October 10 in New York City.”

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