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JBL: At 55, I Could Come In Right Now And Win The World Championship

JBL says he could win the world title if he wanted to, but he’ll leave that to Baron Corbin.

John Bradshaw Layfield, or JBL for short, returned to WWE alongside Corbin on the October 7 episode of WWE RAW. He called Corbin the “Modern-Day Wrestling God” and has formed an alliance with the former King of the Ring winner. Since then, Corbin has picked up several victories on the red brand. In doing so, he has become a standout player on the red brand. While JBL has served as his manager and guest commentator, the WWE Hall of Famer is confident that he could still go in the ring

Speaking on the November 16 episode of WWE’s The Bump, JBL was asked how he would fare if he debuted in this generation. He stated that, at the age of 55, he could come right in and win the world title, if not for Corbin.

“[Bobby] Carlton one time, the great soccer player from England, [was asked] how would you do against the Iceland team when they were doing so well? He said, ‘Well, we’d probably win 3-2.’ They go, ‘Only 3-2?’ He goes, we’re all 70 years old,” JBL said. “That’s how I feel now. At 55, I could come right in, right now, if Baron weren’t here, and be world champion. But Baron’s here, so there’s no reason for me to because Baron’s gonna be world champion.

JBL also stated that he came back because he believes Corbin will win the world champion, as he stands apart from the rest.

“Hall of Famers and legends don’t come back to manage somebody that’s not gonna be a world champion. I came back for one reason and one reason only. It’s Baron Corbin. You talk about Gargano, you talk about Kevin Owens, you talk about AJ Styles. Terrific competitors. Some are great champions. They’re not Baron Corbin, and that is the difference.”

JBL retired from the ring in 2009. Over the subsequent years, he worked as a commentator and occasionally appeared on TV before he joined forces with Corbin in October.

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