Jamie Hayter AEW Full Gear
Image Credit: AEW

New AEW Interim Women’s World Champion Crowned At AEW Full Gear

A new AEW Women’s World Champion has been crowned, with Jamie Hayter getting the upper hand and taking down Toni Storm in a classic match.

In a match that saw everything from huge moves to interference, it was Hayter who would come out on top thanks to some quick thinking at the end of the match. After Britt Baker attempted to interfere towards the end of the match and ended up running into Hayter and nearly knocking them both out, Storm looked ready to win.

However, Hayter was able to win by throwing Storm into an exposed turnbuckle, staggering her enough to allow Hayter to hit her finisher for the win.

For a breakdown of how the match ended, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage:

Storm and Hayter feel each other out, and they’re evenly matched early on. The champion hits a hip attacking, sending Hayter to the outside. She slams Hayter into the barricade and onto the  apron. Hayter drives Storm into the barricade. Storm bounches Hayer’s head off the ring post. Hayter slams Storm into the barricade again. Back in the ring, she suplexes Storm and transitions into a slam. Hayter grounds Storm, but the champion rallies. She hits a diving crossbody for a two count. Storm gets a two count with a DDT. Hayter and Storm trade blows. Both women are down after a headbutt. Rebel comes to ringside as the two competitors keep trading shots. Rebel hits Storm with the title, and Hayter gets a near fall with a lariat.

The referee ejects Rebel from ringside. Storm counters the Hayter-ade and hits a lariat of her own for a two count. Baker runs in and stomps Storm on the title belt. Hayter hits the Storm Zero for a two count. Storm suplexes Hayter and hits the Storm Zero for a two count. Hayter gets another two count with a back-breaker. Baker tries to interfere, and Hayter accidentally collides with her. Still, Hayter pins Storm by slamming her into an exposed turnbuckle and hitting a lariat.

Winner and new AEW Interim Women’s World Champion: Jamie Hayter

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