Anthony Bowens Max Caster
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Acclaimed: We Proved Ourselves And Won Unequivocally By Ourselves At AEW Full Gear

The Acclaimed is proving they have what it takes to be at the top of AEW’s tag team division.

During their Full Gear post-show media scrum, The Acclaimed was asked how special the event was for them since it was a hometown crowd. Anthony Bowens grew up ten minutes from the arena and he said he couldn’t imagine a better night than the one they had.

Bowens: “I think any night is special in the ring, but I’m from ten minutes away from here, Nutley, New Jersey. I had family and I had friends here. Can’t get any better than that, defending the title, taking home the win. Every moment that I get to have, especially with Max, is very, very special. I know I had a lot of people from our town as well. It’s a really cool thing when you get to win, and you get to look up and see your dad cheering and you get to see your family. It’s really special.”

Max Caster also spoke about the difference between their respective matches with Swerve In Our Glory. Full Gear was the third match between the two teams, and Caster said they started with the fans carrying them but now they proved they could back it up.

Caster: “I think we proved ourselves, that we won that match unequivocally, by ourselves. I mean Swerve and Keith, they have to figure out their problems. That’s what happens when you wrestle The Acclaimed. You start getting mad at each other. You don’t know what the problem is. Wow, these guys have insulted me in ways I haven’t been insulted before. ‘These guys are great wrestlers. Wow, I thought they were just mic guys. I thought they were just body guys.’ No, we are pro wrestlers, for sure. We’re the best pro wrestlers. That’s all I wanna get across today. How do we feel? I feel great. I feel a lot more confident than I did going into that first match.

“The fans carried the first match. The second match I think was just kind of a whirlwind, and then this one, we knew it was on us, and I feel way more confident now as a wrestler, on the microphone, in front of the people. The fact that we have numbers to back it up, spiking ratings, selling merch. Our t-shirt told out today. Our foam finger sold out today again. So check the numbers, check with us, check with Tony. Acclaimed is at the top. World’s favorite tag team.”

Bowens: “It’s pretty much a fact of life at this point that everyone loves The Acclaimed.”

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