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Zack Clayton On JWOWW Potentially Getting Involved In Wrestling: We’ll See, It Would Be Great

Zack Clayton teases that Jenni “JWOWW” Farley could get involved in his wrestling career.

Clayton signed with AEW in October after he had competed in multiple matches on AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation. The news of his signing came a few weeks after he made his AEW TV debut against HOOK on the August 19 episode of AEW Rampage. Clayton is no stranger to the spotlight, as he is featured on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Farley, his fiancée, is one of the main stars of Jersey Shore and its spin-offs.

In an interview with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Clayton was asked whether JWOWW is open to either managing him or getting involved in a storyline. He note he has some ideas, and they could potentially make something work. Clayton also stated that people have asked her about it, so he’s confident that fans would want to see it.

“Perhaps. Funny enough, 150 people asked her that same question over the weekend, which is great because that tells me it’s something people want to see,” Clayton said. “That means it’s going to be good if it does happen, which I hope it could under the right circumstances. We’ll see.

“We joke that she is a little crowd-shy. There were some ideas I had in Newark. It didn’t happen this time, but maybe next time we roll around another big show. We’ll see what happens. I know we’re going to be on the West Coast for a while. We have a big start to the year, and maybe next time we come around we can make something work.

Farley previously appeared on TV for TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, and when this experience came up, Clayton emphasized that she’s good at performing in the wrestling context, and he believes her getting involved in his career could be great.

“She insists she was tricked into doing that, which I believe her,” Clayton said. “It’s funny because she is really good at it. She doesn’t think she is but she is. I know it would be great if it does happen.”

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