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Mia Yim Credits Triple H For Her Decision To Return To WWE

Mia Yim credits her time in NXT with Triple H as her reason for returning to WWE earlier this month.

RAW Superstar Mia Yim recently sat down with Rick Ucchino of Cageside Seats to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about her decision to return to WWE earlier this month, Yim credited Triple H for making the decision very easy for her.

“I’ve always loved working under Triple H at NXT. It was with all my friends. It was easy to talk to him,” Mia Yim said. “I wasn’t expecting much just because, you know, we (herself and Keith Lee) were recently married, just bought a house. So keeping busy in my real life, but also, still busy working and just trying to get my footing and get that light back under my butt. And it just kind of came out of nowhere. And with Triple H running everything, I couldn’t say no. Like he is someone I respect. He’s so smart and creative. With how things went in NXT, absolutely, absolutely. So it was an easy decision for me.”

Mia Yim returned to WWE as a member of The OC as the solution to their Rhea Ripley problem that the group has been dealing with in recent weeks. Yim said it’s an honor to be part of the group and believes it was probably the best possible way for her to return.

“I just wanted to be me. I just wanted to come back and showcase what I’ve been doing for over a decade. And with The OC, we’ve never been close before, but we’ve always known each other. We’ve worked with each other in other companies. I was rooting for AJ in his UpUpDownDown Championship battle with [Tyler] Breeze. Like, we have history,” Mia Yim said. “The OC, The Bullet Club, those are like monumental groups in wrestling. So to be a part of The OC, it’s such an honor, like just to be a part of that group. But the boys are so cool and so welcoming and they really do feel like brothers and I love them to pieces. This was probably the best way for me to come back because, as nervous as I was, being with them kept me calm, cool, and collected. Like, it really helps being with them.”

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