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Rhea Ripley Previews WarGames: Moments Like These Make Or Break People

Rhea Ripley previews the Women’s WarGames Match at WWE Survivor Series.

Ripley previously competed in WarGames matches in 2019 and 2020, when she was still a rising star in NXT. Having experienced the brutality of the match twice already, the powerhouse of The Judgment Day is certainly prepared for war on Saturday night.

In an interview with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, Ripley discussed her past two matches in the steel structure and made it clear that she enjoys the stipulation match. The former RAW Women’s Champion stated that she’s looking forward to getting creative in the bout, and she’s confident that everyone give it their all at the premium live event.

“It’s a totally different ballgame,” Ripley said. “I find it fun. I love WarGames and I think we’ll get a bit creative when it comes to WarGames because it’s two rings, we’re in a cage. That’s where I’m most at home. And being a part of the first-ever women’s WarGames match, that was history-making in WWE. We absolutely killed it. We went out there and we left everything we had in the ring. I know when it comes to Survivor Series and our WarGames match this time around, we’re gonna do exactly the same.”

When asked, Ripley stated that being in a WarGames Match where other competitors also have previous experience will make it a little easier, and this distinction could be an advantage. She also pointed out that sharing the ring with some of the women who were in the first-ever Women’s WarGames Match will be special.

“It definitely does make it a little bit easier,” Ripley said. “The girls that haven’t been in there before get to learn from us when most of the time we’ve been learning from them on the main roster because they’ve been here before us. It’s cool to have it the other way around because we kind of have the advantage because we’ve been in it before. It’s cool to be stepping into it with some of the girls who were in the first ever one as well.”

WWE Survivor Series will feature the first WarGames matches in the history of the company’s main roster. In addition to being important for potentially bringing the match back next year, Ripley noted that strong performances could make or break some of the performers. She recalled how her WarGames experience helped launch her career to a new level during her time in NXT.

“It’s moments like these that could make or break people,” Ripley said. “We could be coming into this WarGames match and someone that we didn’t expect could come out of it and into the prime of their career. That’s sort of what happened to me in NXT. I went into that match and the momentum for me was slowly growing. Then after that and straight into Survivor Series and my career really took off. It’s cool to know this kind of thing can happen.”

Ripley will team up with Damage CTRL (Bayley, IYO SKY, and Dakota Kai) and Nikki Cross to face Bianca Belair, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Becky Lynch in the Women’s WarGames Match at WWE Survivor Series.

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