wwe survivor series war games results

WWE Survivor Series WarGames Results (11/26/22)


November 26, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

WarGames: Team Belair vs. Team Bayley

Bianca Belair and Dakota Kai enter WarGames first. Belair and Kai lock up. Belair tosses Kai across the ring. Kai escapes a powerbomb attempt from Belair. Kai tries to run away, but Belair grabs Kai by the waist and takes her down. Kai runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kai trips Belair into the corner. Running boot by Kai. Kai works over Belair. Belair manages to land a vertical suplex. Kai and Belair trade strikes. Belair tries to use the hair whip, but Kai avoids it.

Kai tries a ranna, but Belair sends Kai over with the alley-oop. Belair powerbombs Kai into the cage as the timer runs out. Iyo Sky is released from the cell. Sky sends Belair flying with a ranna. Kai and Sky take turns working over Belair. Sky and Kai try a double suplex but Belair counters with a suplex of her own. Sky bounces from one ring to the other to hit a springboard dropkick.

Asuka is released next. Kai runs into a German suplex by Asuka. Sky and Asuka circle each other.Asuka and Sky trade shots. Belair press slams Kai into the cage. Nikki Cross is released next. Cross sends a bunch of weapons into the ring. Cross slams the door on Asuka’s head. Cross drops Belair with a tornado DDT. Alexa Bliss is released next. Bliss lands a flurry of offense. Cross climbs the cage. Everyone hits each other with kendo sticks. Belair lands a few hair whips. Cross dives off the cage and lands on everyone.

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Bayley is released next. Bayley slides a few ladders and a table into the cage. Bayley and Kai wedge Belair between the rings with a table. Damage CTRL holds the ring and continues the assault. Mia Yim is released next. Yim tosses a bunch of weapons in the ring. Yim hits Kai with a trash can as she dives through the air. Yim drives a trashcan lid into Sky’s throat. Yim dives through both rings to spear Bayley. Everyone pairs off and hits a suplex off the top. Everyone is down.

Rhea Ripley is released next. Ripley German suplexes Belair. Bliss tries a dive, but Ripley catches her in midair. Suplex by Ripley. Ripley sends Bliss into the cage. Yim sends Ripley into the corner. Yim sentons a trashcan into Ripley. Yim tries another ring-to-ring spear, but Bayley catches her. Sky hits Yim in the head with a trashcan lid over and over again. Becky Lynch is released.

WarGames officially begins

Cross accidentally hits Kai with a trashcan. Lynch puts a trash can on Sky’s head and hits a leg drop off the top. Lynch squares off with Bayley. Lynch knocks Bayley into the cage. Lynch stomps Bayley. Ripley and Lynch have a staredown. Headbutt by Ripley. Lynch escapes Riptide. After a distraction from Bayley, Ripley hits Riptide. Asuka breaks up the pin. Asuka spits the mist in Ripley’s face. DDT by Lynch.

Kai breaks up the pin. Bayley hits the Rose Plant on Lynch between the rings. Asuka breaks up the pin. Belair is about to take the field over with a tower of doom, but Cross breaks it up with kendo stick. Everyone lands a big move. Sky hits a moonsault off the top of the cage onto Belair and Yim. Cross tries to handcuff Bliss to the ropes, but Bliss manages to attach the other end of the cuff to Cross’ wrist.

Bliss drops Cross on a trashcan. Ripley tries to catch Yim with Riptide, but Yim turns in into a sleeper. Ripley falls backward on a ladder, breaking it in half. Belair and Lynch hit a series of KODs and Mandhandle Slams. Belair lays Sky and Kai on a table. Lynch puts them both through the table with a leg drop off the cage. Bayley tries to break it up but Belair KODs her into the cage. Lynch pins Sky.

Winners- Team Belair

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