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Anthony Bowens On A Future Match With FTR: We’ve Been On Parallel Paths

It seems Anthony Bowens believes that The Acclaimed and FTR are on a collision course in All Elite Wrestling.

Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed recently was a guest on Good Karma Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked what it means to him to be the first openly gay champion in All Elite Wrestling, Bowens says it’s a real honor.

“Means a lot, and it’s an honor because sitting in this, my childhood room right now, I had a lot of terrible, terrible…a lot of great memories here,” Anthony Bowens said. “But a lot of terrible ones, of sitting here just flustered and scared and upset, a lot of crying, of trying to figure out what my future would be, what it would hold, would I be able to be a professional wrestler because there wasn’t any LGBT representation out there that was in pro wrestling that was successful for me to go, ‘Hey, I can be like this person and be okay.’

“So, to be that person on television every week, representing the community, the community positively and also as AEW Tag Team Champion, it’s…one, it’s surreal. I wish I can go back and tell myself like, ‘Hey, it’s gonna be totally okay. It’s gonna be amazing.’ That would probably have solved a lot of issues. But if my presence on television every single week can help somebody not go through that, that means a whole lot to me.”

When asked what team The Acclaimed wants to step into the ring with in the future, Bowens named the team on the tip of everyone’s tongues…FTR.

“Well, I think the obvious answer right now is FTR. Because we’ve been on parallel paths, we’ve kind of come close to each other with the eight-man tag match. You could see there’s a little tension in there in that match, but then we kind of went back to our parallel paths,” Anthony Bowens said. “At some point, those paths are gonna have to cross because we’re two of…the Acclaimed are the most popular tag team in pro wrestling, and then if there’s anybody else up there with us, it’s FTR.

“And truthfully, you know, they’ve been number one contenders, or rank, for however long, and they still haven’t got that opportunity. I welcome the opportunity for them to wrestle the Acclaimed. I know the fans do, so they are probably number one on the list. Number two, we’re going to have to, at some point, get back to the Young Bucks, because our very first main event, which was ten matches in, which is probably unheard of, on Dynamite was against the Young Bucks, and they cheated. Superkicked Rick Knox right in the face, and I think that’s pretty much illegal, guys.”

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What do you make of Anthony Bowens’ comments? Are you excited about a future match between The Acclaimed and FTR? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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