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Anthony Bowens: I Get Scissored By Everyone, Everywhere; In Airports, Bathrooms, Bars And Hotels

A rib by Max Caster on Anthony Bowens turned into a scissoring phenomenon in the world of professional wrestling.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Anthony Bowens was a recent guest on Good Karma Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the scissoring phenomenon The Acclaimed have created in the world of professional wrestling, Bowens discussed its origins and how big it’s gotten in such a short period of time.

“So the scissoring thing originated as almost like a rib on me back like two years ago because our hand symbols the A with the fingers and Caster came up from behind and did it on a Dark back in the pandemic tapings,” Anthony Bowens said. “And I was like, *loud gasp* I don’t know if we can do that! They told us to not do it. They were kind of iffy about it. And then I guess we were renegades at some point and just started doing it again.

“And we started to realize that — I say this all the time, I was laying on the ground in one of the matches, and then I saw everyone’s hands in the front row like with their fingers over the railing. I knew we were onto something, so I really started leaning into it. And then, once we started getting rolling with The Ass Boys and Daddy Ass, I was in the wheelchair because my knee was hurt, and I think I can’t remember what show it was, but we were about three to five minutes away from going live on television.

“I’m sitting there. I was trying to think of an ending because anytime we had the entrance with The Ass Boys, I’d get the crowd to chant that at them, but it just felt like it needed a punctuation mark at the end of it. And I was sitting there and it just kind of popped into my head, and I started laughing to myself, and I didn’t tell anybody. I think I told Billy I think I’m going to call you Daddy Ass, and he just smiled, and I was like, okay, so I guess he likes it.

“So I went out, and I said it, and I came back, no one said a word to me about it. And I saw it was trending on Twitter and the next week, there was scissor me signs. And after that, I just dove headfirst into it. It became a thing. We had trouble getting T-shirts at first because I think we were getting some pushback, but I kept fighting, and within a couple months, we got it, and then it became the best-selling shirt of 2022. So it’s been a crazy last couple of months.”

“I get scissored in airports, bathrooms, bars, airplanes, hotels. I scissor everyone, everywhere. It’s fun. The Philadelphia Phillies were doing it. I saw the Cavs are doing it. Somebody told me the Phoenix Suns are doing it on the court. So it’s a fun handshake; as I said on National Scissoring Day, scissoring is a sign of friendship and nothing more. If your dirty minds want to go elsewhere. Go ahead. But it’s a fun handshake. You got the fist pound and all these other things; why not toss in a scissor?”

When asked how it feels to have the All Elite Wrestling fanbase behind them as passionately as they are, Bowens said it’s an incredible feeling to build up such a connection with them.

“Oh, it’s incredible. I’m extremely grateful to have built up such a connection with the audience to the point where they were demanding that we be elevated,” Anthony Bowens said. “And it’s cool, you get to do these meet and greets, and everybody wants to scissor, and they thank you for getting them back into wrestling.

“We love hearing, ‘Hey, I was a wrestling fan forever, and I kind of got out of it, but you guys brought me back.’ We love stuff like that and then to go back and watch the footage of all these insane crowd reactions. The second our sirens hit the crowds kind of sleepy woof, they come right up, and Max drops his disses; I scream we have arrived, I scissor Daddy Ass, and people enjoy it.”

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