Anthony Bowens
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Anthony Bowens: Wrestling Evolved, You Need To Be Athletic To Be A Great Wrestler Today

Anthony Bowens believes it’s an athlete’s world now.

Speaking on Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, Anthony Bowens was asked whether you need to be athletic to be a great wrestler. Bowens said there are wrestlers that aren’t athletic, but being an athlete certainly helps talent in today’s wrestling landscape.

“You don’t have to be athletic to be a wrestler in general. But you have to be, in my opinion, [have to be athletic] to be a very good wrestler. That’s why I say [wrestling] has evolved because pro wrestling, back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, you could be a very large, overweight gentleman, and you wouldn’t have to really do much. Just kinda “[growls] I’m gonna slam you,’ and then people would go crazy. Now, wrestling in 2022, if you don’t give them some sort of technical wrestling or fast-paced or crazy flips, or some hardcore action where people get bashed in the head with chairs and going through tables, if you don’t give them that kind of level of entertainment, it’s [blows raspberry], it’s no good.

“So that old-time wrestling, people would watch these days and just change the channel. There’s always exceptions to the rule. Back then, you could get away with being anybody and being a pro wrestler. Now it’s kind of, if you don’t have the motor in you to put on something that’s fast-paced and entertaining, it’s very hard. You have to rely on, maybe you have a very strong character to hide the fact that you can’t do the wrestling. It’s a different vibe now.”

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