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Colt Cabana Missed ROH Final Battle Due To Injury

Tony Khan says Colt Cabana would have been on the Final Battle card if he was available.

During his ROH Final Battle post-show media scrum, Tony Khan was asked why Colt Cabana was not on the Final Battle card. Khan confirmed Cabana was out due to injury and hasn’t been cleared to return.

“He was injured. He’s injured, he hasn’t been cleared. And because he has been wrestling in the Ring Of Honor matches, that’s also what the Chris Jericho storyline was [about], all Ring Of Honor Champions, either from this new Ring Of Honor or in case of Bryan Danielson, a Hall Of Famer and the greatest champion ever. But pretty much everybody that came in represented this new era of Ring Of Honor, including Colt Cabana, who had been on these last two shows. He’d been 2-0 on the Zero Hour, and I think it would have made a lot of sense given he’s done great opening up the show. But he was out injured or he would have been.”

Khan added that Cabana was still in attendance at the event, noting that he was coaching.

Khan did not reveal what kind of injury was keeping Cabana out of the ring. Cabana’s last match was on December 2 for ACW Wisconsin. His last match under the AEW/ROH banner was his world title match against Chris Jericho on November 2.

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