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Willow Nightingale: Maria Kanellis Cares So Much About The Wrestling Business And The Women In It

Willow Nightingale didn’t give up in her quest to be a part of Ring of Honor.

Prior to Tony Khan’s purchase of Ring of Honor earlier this year, the company’s women’s division was primarily overseen by Board of Directions member, Maria Kanellis-Bennett. ROH began a hiatus in late 2021 but saw a signification rejuvenation for the Women of Honor before it. With the introduction of the ROH Women’s World Championship and the continuation of Women’s Division Wednesday shows, the women received a major boost to their presence in ROH. One of the talents amongst the surge was “The Babe With The Power,” Willow Nightingale.

Though she lost a previous opportunity with the brand a few years earlier, Nightingale remained optimistic. So, she stayed in contact with Delirious, the head booker of Ring of Honor at that time. “He seemed to have had a good impression of me from it all, even though nothing really materialized at that moment,” Nightingale noted on AEW Unrestricted.

When ROH resumed television tapings after the initial wave of the pandemic, Nightingale seized the opportunity and reached out.

“I was like, ‘You know what? It seems like they’re bringing in more women. There seems like there’s a different direction they’re going in. Let me reach out to Delirious again.’ He was like, ‘Yeah, that would be perfect,’ [so] they bring me in.”

Upon arriving in Ring of Honor, Nightingale met Maria Kanellis-Bennett, who she also grew up watching as a fan.

“The character she had on screen does not do any justice to just how intelligent that woman is. She’s so smart, and so incredibly kind and caring and cares about this business and cares about the women in this business. That is why I say I’m happy I was a part of Ring of Honor when I was because I got to work with her and Bobby Cruz and they put so much of their heart into making the women’s division as good as they could there. So no pun intended, it was an honor to work there.”

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