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Damian Priest On The Judgment Day’s Success: It’s Been An Awesome Year, We’re Just Getting Started

Damian Priest wants The Judgment Day to take over WWE RAW, and while the stable has been featured for the past several months, he believes they’re just getting started.

Priest founded the group by joining forces with Edge and helping him beat AJ Styles at WrestleMania 38. Rhea Ripley later aligned with the duo at WrestleMania Backlash, and Finn Balor joined the lineup the night after WWE Hell in a Cell. At that point, Balor, Priest, and Ripley turned on Edge and kicked him out of The Judgment Day. The trio later expanded with the addition of Dominik Mysterio, who betrayed his father and Edge at WWE Clash at the Castle.


Speaking on The Archive of B-sox, Priest discussed The Judgment Day’s remarkable year, which has featured plenty of twists and turns. He noted that the group has both opened RAW and main-evented the show on numerous occasions. Priest stated that this success has been “awesome”, but they’re just getting started, as they have their sights set on more greatness.

“I mean we’ve opened and main-evented so many RAWs that we’ve lost count, and those are big spots on the show,” Priest said. “You open the show, and it’s just as, if not more important, than closing. So we get these opportunities frequently, and the main events. You talk about main-eventing with guys like Edge, AJ Styles. It’s hard to say that we have complaints about this year.

“It’s been awesome. It’s been a roller coaster, yes, but we’re ending it at the highest point. We all feel like we’re not even where we need to be yet, which is crazy. The things that we look forward to, the things that we talk about, and what we want to accomplish, we’re just getting started.

Priest was also asked about the timeline for The Judgment Day’s plan to target championship gold. He emphasized that, for now, the group is focused on becoming top act on RAW without being champions in order to elevate the titles when that time comes.

“When we decide to do that. You can be a champion, and you’re gonna be a focal point of the show immediately, obviously, because you have to be,” Priest said. “But how do you become a focal point of the show not being a champion? That makes you just that much more valuable, and I think that’s where we’re at right now. Let’s make this show revolve around us. Let’s be the main thing on this show, without even having championships. So that way, when we go, we’re elevating the titles, not the other way around. That’s our goal right now.”

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