Alexa Bliss On Working With Bray Wyatt: I’ve Never Had More Fun In My Life

Alexa Bliss comments on Bray Wyatt‘s return and reflects on her time working with him.

Bliss and Wyatt were paired up for the better part of a year, as they joined forces in 2020 and battled Randy Orton in a memorable rivalry that concluded with a singles match between the two men at WrestleMania 37 in 2021. Bliss betrayed Wyatt, and Orton capitalized by hitting the RKO for the win. While Bliss’ dark character remained a featured part of RAW, Wyatt was absent from TV after he appeared on the April 12 episode of RAW. He was then released on July 31, 2021, though the company brought him back in 2022; he returned at the Extreme Rules premium live event.

During an interview with BT Sport’s Rob Armstrong on What Went Down, Bliss stated that her work with Wyatt was the most fun she’s had in her career. She made it clear that she had wanted to portray a Dark Alexa character dating back to her NXT days.

“This was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire career, I can easily say, was this time period. I’ve never had more fun in my entire life.  I had pitched a character like this, Dark Alexa, way back in NXT, way back, before Blake and Murphy. I’ve always loved doing something different. I don’t love being the same character all the time. I remember I’ve looked and I’ve been like, ‘Man, I’ve been six or seven different versions of myself.’ Which was so fun. I love being able to portray a character. I love being able to go outside or the box, do different things, and this was the most fun.

Armstrong brought up Seth Rollins’ previous comments that Wyatt’s character can be difficult to work with. Bliss described how she felt compelled to step up because Wyatt was such a creative genius. She also brought up the way he’d encourage her to watch documentaries and other content in order to research for the character.

“He is such a creative genius that it made me want to step my game up,” Bliss said. “So we had had conversations before, but not like this. So whenever he would say, ‘So I have this idea for this, this, this,’ it made me realize that I’m on this fast-moving train, and I either have to step up or get the hell off. So it was one of those things. He’s a fast-moving train. He’s creatively always going, always thinking, always thinking of the next thing, always saying, ‘Hey, have you seen this documentary? Watch this documentary. Watch this because there’s something here. You can take from John Wayne Gacy, there’s something you can take from the Manson situation. There’s all these things you can take from.’

“I’ve never put so much research into a character as I did when I was with Bray, and I think that’s why it was so fun for me too. I was doing something completely different, but I was also taking things from real life and putting it into a character for the first time, so it was really cool.

Bliss explained that some of Wyatt’s ideas can be “way out there”, but she highlighted how he has so many good ideas. She stated that she had fun collaborating with him, and he helped unlock a creative side of her that eventually led to the creation of Lilly.

“He’s such a creative genius. He has all of these ideas that, some of them are way out there that you have to reel in,” Bliss said. “You’re like, ‘Well, I don’t think I we can do that. But there’s all these things, he just has all these concepts and all these ideas that are so good, and it was so fun to be able to sit down with him and just bounce ideas back and forth.

“But because working with him, now I have almost unlocked a different side of my brain creatively to where now I get these ideas that I can pitch and try to portray. It’s just so much more fun. Because of him, I was able to come up with the concept for Lilly, so it was cool. It was really cool.”

Bliss also commented on Wyatt’s return to WWE by noting that there had been a character void without him, given his presence, and his creative energy is needed.

“Obviously, he’s such a key part of WWE and such a presence and character that it’s so great that he’s back because I felt like there was this character void, and the fact that he’s back, and you need that creative energy around for sure.” (Transcription credit of Fightful)

In recent weeks, WWE has hinted at a potential reunion between Bliss and Wyatt. On the December 12 episode of WWE RAW, Wyatt’s logo appeared on the video screen, and Bliss seemingly shifted into her old persona, as she went to hit RAW Women’s Championship Bianca Belair with the Sister Abigail. Bliss had just defeated Bayley to earn a shot at Belair’s title.

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