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Elias Doesn’t Want To Tell The World What Hospital Ezekiel Is In

Elias Ezekiel WWE RAW
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It is a rough holiday season for Elias.

2022 was a weird year for Elias. After proclaiming himself to be dead in 2021, 2022 saw the debut of his brother, Ezekiel, and Kevin Owens‘ outright refusal to accept that Ezekiel and Elias were different people. This year also nearly saw the debut of Elrod, Elias’ other brother. However, Kevin Owens would take out Ezekiel in the summer leading to Elrod quietly accepting that perhaps it’s better to stay away from the ring.

Then, Elias would return to the ring and ask for Kevin Owens’ assistance in taking out The Bloodline but Kevin Owens did not forget the trouble that Elias’ family put him through and declined to help him.

On the December 19 episode of Monday Night Raw, Elias was taken out by The Bloodline. Specifically, Solo Sikoa cracked Elias’ own guitar over his back, and on the proceeding episode of Raw Talk, a very angry Elias was ready to swear vengeance on the entire Samoan Dynasty. Much to his chagrin, Cathy Kelley, the esteemed journalist that she is, asked for an update on the guitar.

“More importantly? ‘More importantly’ than Elias, how is my guitar when I could just go get another one tomorrow? They’ll probably send me one because that’s what they do. There’s tons of guitars around. There’s only one Elias and you want to know about the guitar? That doesn’t surprise me considering the way you acted during the entire Kevin Owens interview. It was ridiculous,” said “The Drifter.” “Listen, The Bloodline, they’ve taken almost everything from me. They took my partner from me. They tried to end my career last week, and tonight, they smashed me with my own guitar. It’s ridiculous. They’re running wild and they need to be stopped. I’ll tell you what, next week, I’m showing up and I’m gonna have my guitar. So if I see The Bloodline, you better believe I’m coming swinging, especially for Solo.”

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Elias then turned his attention to Kevin Owens, the man that took out his brother and hit him with a Stunner as opposed to teaming with him against The Bloodline.

“I gotta remember Kevin Owens, too, right? You remember Kevin, he’s totally in denial about what’s going on here. He put my brother in the hospital. You know, the holidays are coming up, it’s just a sensitive time all around,” said Elias.

When pressured by noted no-nonsense reporter Cathy Kelley to name the hospital Ezekiel is currently recovering in, Elias declined, saying that it is private information that only he is allowed to know.

“No, I don’t want to put that out there publicly. That’s not for anyone to know but me, Cathy. Thank you so much for bringing that up,” said the disgusted songsmith to end the interview.

Yes, there you have it. Elias promises to come swinging for Solo Sikoa on next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Unfortunately for him, WWE has already announced that there will not be a live episode of Raw next week and it will be a “Best of 2022” retrospective.

WrestleZone sends its best wishes to the Samson family during this holiday season as Ezekiel recuperates from his multitude of injuries, in an undisclosed medical facility, and Elias recovers from The Bloodline’s assaults. Hopefully, everyone can still get together under the tree for the yearly family photo.

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