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Alberto Del Rio Had Talked With John Laurinaitis About Returning To WWE

Alberto Del Rio is a Johnny Ace guy.

During a recent interview with Steve Fall for, Alberto Del Rio was asked about rumors that he could potentially return to WWE one day. Alberto said that he hasn’t communicated at all with the Triple H-led regime, but noted that he did speak with John Laurinaitis before he left the company.

“To be honest, I have not talked to the new administration. I did, when John Laurinaitis was around, we had a couple of phone calls. That didn’t go anywhere. And when what happened happened, they have a new administration that’s doing fantastic things. As far as I know and what I’ve read, the numbers, when it comes to the ratings and the money, it’s fantastic. Also, the way talent feels backstage and in the ring and everything, it looks like this change has been for the best for the biggest company in the world.”

Alberto Del Rio then spoke about the perception of being a “Johnny Ace guy” in the locker room. Alberto said he was definitely someone who gravitated towards Laurinaitis, recalling how they met when Alberto was first brought into the company.

“Yes. Yes, I was always one of Johnny’s boys. He was the one that found me and was bringing me in to have my tryout. I think it was in Oklahoma City where I had my tryout, I don’t remember [the city] very well. But he was the one that was giving me the tour, bringing me to Stamford and showing me [WWE] Headquarters, riding in the limo for the first time in my life, he was the one creating Alberto Del Rio. I remember those days with him taking me to a restaurant to meet Kevin Dunn and then bringing me to Vince’s office and introducing us, and the rest in history.”

Alberto Del Rio has worked seven total matches in 2022, all but one taking place in Mexico. His return to the ring came after he had sexual assault and kidnapping charges against him dropped in December 2021. Alberto Del Rio has not worked for WWE since August 2016.

John Laurinaitis was named in WWE’s investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against Vince McMahon. He was initially placed on administrative leave and later terminated in August.

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