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Madusa Shares When WWF Title Was Returned After Infamous WCW Nitro Trash Can Segment

Madusa didn’t leave the title in the trash.

One of the most infamous moments in WCW history occurred on December 18, 1995, when Madusa showed up on Nitro and dropped the WWF Women’s Championship in a trash can. Madusa came to commentary and re-introduced herself under that name, not Alundra Blayze as she had been called the previous two years in WWF. She said “that’s what I think of the WWF Women’s Championship belt” and dropped it in the trash, with Bobby Heenan looking surprised while Eric Bischoff laughed about it.

Appearing on the Wrestling Perspective PodcastMadusa was asked about the events that immediately followed the on-air segment. Madusa noted that she went backstage right after the segment but the title was immediately brought to her locker room.

“No they actually — it’s in my book, but anyway, I will tell you this — right after that, I walked right to my dressing room and like 15 seconds later [there was] a knock on my door and I got the belt directly back. They were that good,” Madusa said.

“So far, so good. I mean, Eric and I go back and forth about who called who,” Madusa added. “I say he called me, he says I called him but I tell him, ‘Dude, who gives a shit. It was the biggest part of your career.’ [laughs]

Madusa stayed with WCW until WWF/WWE bought the company in 2001, citing issues with how she previously left the company. WWE ultimately inducted her into its Hall Of Fame in 2015, and she most recently made an appearance on NXT where she discussed the Women’s Iron Survivor match at NXT Deadline.

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