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Solo Sikoa: Triple H Came Up With The Idea For Me To Use The Samoan Spike

Solo Sikoa discusses using the Samoan Spike.

The move was made famous by Sikoa’s uncle, Umaga, who previously starred in WWE for several years; he won the WWE Intercontinental Championship and also feuded with John Cena before his release and passing in 2009. Sikoa has started using the Samoan Spike as an apparent tribute to “The Samoan Bulldozer”, as he has taken both Matt Riddle and Elias out with it.

Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, Sikoa was asked about using the Samoan Spike and whether he intends to utilize it as a finisher or a move that can put someone out of commission after a match. He responded by stating that he’ll use the move in both ways. Sikoa also stated that Triple H came up with the idea for him to start utilize it, given its significance to The Bloodline in real life.

Both. Put him out of commission and as a finisher. It will definitely be one of my finishers now moving forward,” Sikoa said. “The idea came from Hunter. Hunter pulled me aside. I think it was Paul Heyman’s idea, too, so Hunter wanted to run it by me. He goes, “I know your uncle was a big part of your guys’ family. I know what he meant to you guys. I wanted to ask you if you would be OK using the spike?” I was like, I don’t know. I kind of want to stay away from it because that’s his thing.

“He was like, “I know he passed away and yesterday was his anniversary,” which was a Sunday and the next day was Raw. He goes, “I think it will be cool if you pay a tribute to him on TV by using the spike.” I was like, “You know what man? Yeah, let’s do it.” Once he said that I kind of got emotional. I was like, wow. For those who don’t remember who Umaga was, now I’m about to refresh their memory. It was a pretty cool moment for me to pay tribute to him.”

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