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Kurt Angle On The Possibility Of Doing More With Gable Steveson In WWE: You Never Know

Kurt Angle has visions of a big future for Gable Steveson in WWE, and it seems he wouldn’t mind playing a small part in it.

On the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, The Olympic Gold Medalist was asked if he saw himself reforming Team Angle with Gable Steveson in the future. Angle said it was something he was open to and already had a storyline in his head of how it would play out.

“You never know,” Kurt Angle teased. “I mean, I don’t know if Gable Steveson’s gonna agree to be a part of Team Angle. I think that we could do something like that to start it off, but I think eventually, Gable would have to go off on his own. Being that he’s also an Olympic Gold Medalist and probably needs to start his own faction eventually. So we could start out with Team Angle, bring Shelton [Benjamin] back, maybe Charlie [Haas], maybe even Chad [Gable] and Otis. Have Gable Steveson in there, and then have Gable turn on us and build his own faction. There you go. You have a Wrestlemania match setup.”

Later in the show, he was asked who he would pick as a part of a new Team Angle. Kurt spoke about his love for the Alpha Academy and how funny he believes Chad Gable and Otis are as a tag team. Going as far as to say that Gable reminds him a lot of himself.

“Well, I’d obviously pick Chad Gable and Otis, my two enemies. They’re great,” Kurt Angle said. “You know what I love about them? They’re funny as hell. Chad reminds me a lot of me. I think we’d have great chemistry as being Team Angle. It’d be a lot funnier than the old Team Angle definitely; a lot more energy. But I think those two would be great in a new Team Angle. I would have loved doing that. And obviously, inviting Gable Stevenson to be in on it. I don’t know how funny he is, but he better be damn funny if we’re gonna drop him like a bad habit.”

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