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Lee Johnson On AR Fox Signing With AEW: I’m So Happy For That Guy, He Deserves It

Lee Johnson has been trained by multiple talents to help him improve his craft inside the squared circle.

The Factory’s Lee Johnson was a recent guest on AEW Unrestricted to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about training at AR Fox‘s wrestling school, Johnson revealed he originally found out about his school on Google when he was 15 but couldn’t start training there until he graduated high school.

“When I was younger, I would just Google wrestling schools near me, and I actually had come across his school when I was like 15 or 14,” Lee Johnson revealed. “I put it in an application and nothing [but] I was 15 years old. So the moment that I graduated high school and I realized that I wanted to start wrestling. I did the same thing, except for this time I had a car, so I was able to just drive there and talk to him, and we got started literally that day.”

When asked for his thoughts on AR Fox recently signing with All Elite Wrestling, Johnson said it was happy for him, and he deserves it.

“I’m so happy for that guy. He deserves it,” Lee Johnson said. “He’s been so good for so long. And even back then, I knew it. I was just waiting for someone to pick him up. People don’t know that he’s trained so many people.”

Lee Johnson would later train at the Nightmare Factory with QT Marshall and Cody Rhodes. Johnson said it took place after he had the worst match in wrestling history on an independent show called Southern Honor.

“Yeah, it’s really cool. I think it was early 2019. I did a show called Southern Honor. It was an independent show. And I had the worst match. It was so bad. I was so bad. And QT was backstage. I heard that he had a school, and I was like, I gotta go train. I really think at that point, I hadn’t trained in like two or three months or something like that.

“To go in there after being gone for like two or three months, it’s an independent show. It’s not like I was signed anywhere. So I wasn’t consistently getting reps. So I have this match, and it was the worst match in wrestling history. I remember getting to the end just thinking like, ‘Ah, I need to train.’

“So I reached out to QT, I think the following week, and from there, I just started training with him, and it’s been really good to see everything come full circle. To go from there to even what we did last year storyline-wise with him and to now finally being in his group is honestly something that I never thought would have happened was me and him crossing paths in the ring that way. So it’s been really, really cool to see. We go from there to here.”

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