Alexa Bliss WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

Alexa Bliss Says She’s The Face Of Fear, Uncle Howdy Appears On 1/9 WWE Raw

Alexa Bliss seemed to snap on Monday, saying that she was no longer set to be used by Bray Wyatt or Uncle Howdy before the latter appeared at Monday Night RAW.

In a segment during tonight’s episode, Bliss came down to the ring and climbed on the announce desk with a mic. In a long speech, Bliss said that Belair is hiding from her, and not because anyone is afraid of Bray Wyatt or Uncle Howdy. Instead, Bliss said, she is “the face of evil,” and that she hasn’t felt this good in a really, really long time. Bliss went on to say that she’s finally taken control of things and is now the one in charge, and would use her hands to tear a scar into Bianca’s face and take the WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

After her speech, a video popped up on the jumbotron, showing off a playground in black and white. Soon, though, Uncle Howdy’s face would appear alongside the sound of laughter. In the video, Uncle Howdy asked Bliss if she really feels like she’s in charge, before appearing on the ramp and laughing as Bliss watched on.

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