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Vince McMahon Is Back At WWE Offices, Suggested Creative Changes

Vince McMahon returned to WWE’s board but it sounds like his influence is being felt in other departments.

The January 16, 2023 edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via covered Vince McMahon’s return and noted that McMahon was back to help facilitate a sale of the company, but there was a growing belief that he would try and return in a creative capacity. It was noted in the Observer that McMahon had not been to the office nor at television (at the time of publication) but that “doesn’t mean things won’t change.”

Well… apparently things have changed.

In a new update, is reporting Vince McMahon is back in the office and has suggested changes. Ringside News first reported McMahon had been back in the office and sent out notes to several departments suggesting changes. noted that talent was told (during Friday’s roster meeting) that Paul Levesque would remain in charge of creative. Levesque offered a scenario where Vince could make suggestions, but Levesque was the one making the final decisions. This was a detail that Fightful also reported, noting that Levesque said he and McMahon might have creative talks, but the final call was his.

Vince McMahon retired on July 22, 2022 amid a WWE board investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and hush money. WWE announced that McMahon had been unanimously elected the Executive Chairman of the Board on January 10. 2023, days after it was reported that he planned on returning to the company. McMahon and former WWE board members Michelle Wilson and George Barrios returned this month, while three were removed and two others resigned.

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