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The Rock Comments On Potential WWE Sale

The Rock says that WWE is a very attractive company, amid rumors of a potential sale.

Vince McMahon returned to the WWE Board of Directors on January 6, the day after he announced his intention to come back and participate in negations for media rights deals. He was then unanimously voted the Executive Chairman of the Board on January 10, and rumors of a potential sale continued to heat up. The company hired JPMorgan to lead talks with potential suitors, but as of this writing, no deal has been confirmed.

Speaking on “Squawk on the Street” on CNBC, Dwane “The Rock” Johnson discussed his ZOA Energy drink. Naturally, the topic of the potential sale came up , and “The Great One” was asked to share his thoughts.

“I can tell you this. I can tell you that it’s an exciting brand, it’s a brand that I’ve been very fortunate enough to have tremendous success over the decades, and also for your viewers here who may not know, the linage goes back multi-generational with the WWE,” Johnson said. “My grandfather wrestled for Vince McMahon Sr. in the 70s, my dad wrestled for Vince McMahon in the 80s, and then I came along with my bad haircut and fanny pack, and I continued to wrestle for Vince as well. So we’ve seen tremendous success over the years. I think it’s a very attractive company, and I’m excited. I wish Vince and that company all the best.”

One of the co-hosts noted that it seemed likely that a deal would have to allow McMahon to remain in charge of WWE, and Johnson expressed his agreement. He noted that McMahon and WWE will likely look for a partner who is passionate about the business/

“I would. I think with the world of professional wrestling and the world of WWE, it’s so unique,” Johnson said. “The fanbase is very large and very passionate, and there’s nothing like the WWE. So I think, with the new owners, if there are new owners and acquirers who are gonna come in, I think that they have to share that same passion that Vince has for the company and for the world of pro wrestling, which isn’t always easy to do.

“In a company like this, it’s been so incredibly successful over the years, a sale/an acquisition could be very complicated. There’s that unique added anchor to this, I believe, that Vince feels where you gotta find the right buyer who still has that passion and that love for this very unique world.”

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