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Matt Hardy Recalls His Experience As A Guest Star On ‘That 70s Show’

The Hardy Boyz first big break in the entertainment world, outside of wrestling, came on an episode of That 70s Show where Jeff and Matt Hardy ironically played the role of professional wrestlers.


Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the All Elite Wrestling star spoke about his experience performing as a WWF wrestler on an episode of That 70s Show, where he wrestled with his brother in front of a good portion of the main cast.

“It was good. It was very exciting for us. It was super exhilarating,” Matt Hardy said. “We were like, ‘Oh my god, only are we wrestlers, and we’ve achieved our dream and signed a contract, we’re going to be on a TV show. This is so cool.’ Just being there, getting to spend some time with The Rock and Ken Shamrock, and being in the same quarters as those guys, it was cool because we got to have a lot more interactions with them, and that was very important, especially early on in our careers.

“The cast was very cool; they were nice. They were like, ‘Yeah, these are our guest stars.’ I remember we went out, and we had this wrestling match. It was pretty brutal. It was tough, though, because we had to do that match about ten times. They got every different angle; they got close-ups, they got wide shots and whatnot. So a lot of bumping going on for that day.”

Matt Hardy mentioned that The Rock was also featured in this episode and portrayed his father, WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson.

This Friday on Young Rock, it appears The Great One will tell a story about appearing on this show as the description reads:

Miami, 1999: Dwayne lands his first part on a TV show but is dismayed when he keeps getting typecast as a wrestler; while searching for his breakout role, Dwayne’s acting career takes a surprising turn.

You can catch Young Rock Friday nights at 8:30 PM EST on NBC.

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