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Report: Jeff Hardy’s AEW Contract Expires Much Sooner Than Expected

Jeff Hardy could be a free agent sooner than people expected.

According to a new report from Fightful (via Fightful Select), Hardy’s AEW contract will expire “much sooner than expected.”

Jeff’s AEW contract was originally structured in a way that his deal matched up with his brother, Matt Hardy’s contract. It was noted that that is no longer the case, but the two deals are “not far off.” Matt recently became a free agent, and appeared at TNA Rebellion on Saturday night.

It was believed that AEW added injury and sabbatical time onto Jeff’s deal to extend him into 2025, but as of late March, that was not the case anymore. According to conversations Jeff had with other talent at recent conventions, his contract was supposed to expire in the spring.

AEW could extend the time on the deal, but it is unknown if they have done so at press time.

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Matt Hardy recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of his live podcast recording of The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy on April 5 in Philadelphia. At that time, it was known publicly that Matt’s AEW contract was coming to an end.

Matt was asked about the potential for he and Jeff to restructure their AEW contracts so the dates lined up, or if it was possible. Matt noted that Jeff has a bit more time on his due to injury time, but said “that’s just a conversation I guess we’ll have at some point.”

Jeff Hardy has been sidelined with a broken nose since February. In December, Matt also shared that Jeff was dealing with vision issues from LASIK surgery last year.

At the time of the interview with WrestleZone, Matt said Jeff’s vision has recovered and he was probably weeks away from getting cleared.

“His vision issues are good. He had to have surgery on his nose. He had some issues with his sinuses, so he had surgery. He’s got three or four more weeks before he’ll be cleared to return.”