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Kevin Kiley (Alex Riley): The Miz Has A Good Heart, He Was Always Good To Me

Kevin Kiley, formerly known as Alex Riley in WWE, has nothing but good things to say about The Miz.

Alex Riley was The Miz’s protege on NXT season 2 back in 2010. eventually, the partnership would continue beyond NXT, and Alex Riley would be by The Miz’s side during his headlining match against John Cena at WWE WrestleMania 27.

When it was time for that partnership to come to an end, Alex Riley was able to score a victory over The Miz, defeating him at WWE Capitol Punishment 2011. Ultimately, Kiley would never see the same height in WWE as his mentor, but in a new interview with PWMania’s Scott Mitchell, Kiley reflected on his positive memories of working with Miz during that time.

“It was a huge opportunity to be put with a guy who was that talented. We played off each other very well, and I even got a spot on WrestleMania because of it. When I was put on NXT, I thought I was doing pretty well. We just got paired up naturally and it was great. He’s a really good guy, has a good heart, and was always good to me.”

Kevin Kiley will return to the ring at NWA Nuff Said against EC3. When discussing his future, Kiley says he’s unsure of what is next for him, but he hopes to draw money for the NWA.

“I don’t know. This is my first televised match in six and a half years. I’m going to go out there and just do the best I can with these guys. They have been performing for a long time and they haven’t stopped. I had to step away because I had some family issues going on, along with some other issues going on. I just really needed to take a break. Now, I’m back. I’m getting myself back into the world, and back into life, and this is the next step for me. I just hope to be the best I can be and generate a lot of money, and attention, for whoever I’m working with.”

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