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EC3 On Alex Riley ‘Botch’: Don’t Jump On Me Because I’m Going To Move

EC3 doesn’t botch, but he also doesn’t catch anyone trying to dive on him; he’s going to move instead.

The National Wrestling Alliance’s EC3 recently sat down with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his recent match against Alex Riley at NWA Nuff Said, EC3 didn’t hold back on his thoughts regarding the former WWE Superstar.

Riley was reportedly upset after he landed face-first on the floor because EC3 didn’t catch him during a dive. EC3 said that he didn’t botch the move because he’s going to move away from a dive every time his opponent does one.

“Yeah, gave him the best match of his life. What did he do? He tucked tail and ran. I couldn’t be more mad,” EC3 stated. “I put myself on the line giving him an opportunity. And then he ran away. Why? Because he can’t take the heat, the criticism because he fell out of a ring? Well, guess what? Don’t jump!

“Here’s the thing about everybody. First off, I don’t botch. I am not a botcher. I have never botched my life. If somebody’s jumping out of a wrestling ring at me, I’m moving every time. I’m not catching people. I’m not standing there like an idiot and letting somebody fall down on me. I’m not letting gravity do its job while I stand there aloof and just confused.

“No, I will not catch a dive ever because you can’t dive on me because I can move. I have two eyes. So okay. He wants this big idea. He finally comes out of his shell. Pops that top off. He’s feeling adrenaline; I get it. You want to make an impact. You want to make a moment you made a moment you fell flat on your face.

“It’s the best possible moment you could have made because only through that failure and that defeat and that regret could people, which this really happened with the people in the audience, they felt for you. They know what you wanted to do. They know what you tried to do. What you tried to do was something you weren’t quite capable of. But you do have the potential to do so why don’t you do it? You don’t because you’re scared, and you run away.

“So yeah, don’t jump on me. Because I will move and then I’ll roll your ass in the ring, and I’ll beat you with my finish every time. So Cyon, if he’s watching with his little mask, if Austin Idol is watching, I don’t think he knows what computers are. Don’t jump on me because I’m going to move. No, in fact, jump on me. I dare you. I dare you to jump on me.”

EC3 closed by saying he does still believe in Alex Riley and that he loves a comeback and redemption story more than anybody. He hopes Riley will finish his story if “he’s not too busy holding his head from falling on his face.”

NWA 312 takes place on Friday, April 7 and the event airs on FITE. Watch our full interview with EC3 below:

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