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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Taya Valkyrie Is Grateful She Conquered Her First Deathmatch Alongside Parrow

April 1st, 2022 marked a first for Taya Valkyrie, but luckily, she stood across someone she trusted.

On the grounds of Dallas, Texas, “La Wera Loca” geared up for her first ever singles death match at NPU x NFC MurderMania. Fortunately, her new endeavor featured a familiar friend, Parrow, which eased her nerves a bit. Speaking with SHAK Wrestling, Taya Valkyrie explained her mindset in preparing for, and tackling, the rather hardcore stipulation.

“That was definitely an example of like, ‘I just want to feel, I just want to do this,’ because I had been in such a dark place [at that time]. Parrow is one of my good friends, and there was no one I would rather experience that with, than someone who’s very well-versed in, within that world that I know nothing about. I’ve had tons of street fights and No DQ’s and table matches and all that kind of stuff, but I’d never done a deathmatch,” she admitted.

“Who shows up to a deathmatch in white velvet gear? Oh, me. It was definitely something that I — it was to feel that fire again, and it worked. It also made me go, ‘Oh, my God, I don’t know if I ever want to do this again,’ but it was definitely a crazy experience. I have so much respect for people that wrestle that style on a regular basis. It was very hard. There were tears, but at the end of the day, it was really fun. I’m glad that I was able to share that with Parrow and do that during Mania weekend.”

Merely an hour after her deathmatch ended, Valkyrie quickly ran to shower and gear herself up again to pop up on IMPACT’s Multiverse of Matches. There, she issued a challenge to Deonna Purrazzo for the AAA Reina De Reinas Championship. Three weeks later, she claimed the title for a 4th time.

“This is what I’m saying, my life is never boring, but there’s always something,” Valkryie said.

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