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Alisha Edwards Cemented Her Spot, Became More Confident After Knockouts Knockdown 2021

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Alisha Edwards, now one-half of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Alisha said her appearance in the Monster’s Ball match at Knockouts Knockdown 2021 best represents her in-ring work in TNA. The match had additional meaning to her, as it was a tribute to Shannon “Daffney” Spruill, who passed away earlier that month.

“I would say the Monster’s Ball for the Daffney show,” Alisha explained. “But I feel like that’s kind of where I walked away a little more confident and kinda knew that I kinda cemented my spot in the Knockouts division. So I would say that match. Most definitely. Yeah, that’s where ‘Kendra The Kendo Stick’ debuted as well. A few little moments in there that I felt that were just the touch of Real Lish coming out. I think that would be the match.” 

Edwards, Savannah Evans, Jordynne Grace, and Kimber Lee competed in the Monster’s Ball match. Alisha debuting “Kendra” in the match highlighted the wackiness of pro wrestling juxtaposed in an emotional setting.

“Yeah, I mean, we always kind of have to find the positive in every situation. And with that being said, we just wanted to celebrate her life, and then, in order to do that, she was really wacky and it just did that,” Alisha Edwards added. “But yeah, pro wrestling’s definitely on the side of wackiness and different personalities and what people want to bring to the table. And I think that’s what the best part of wrestling is all subjective and we could just do what we want to do. But yeah, Kendra is Kenny’s significant other. So, that’s why we named my Kendo, Kendra.”


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