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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Wheeler Yuta: My Mask Was Like A Pseudo-Beard With Lights Made Out Of Leather

Wheeler Yuta doesn’t like having a naked face.

RJ City recently welcomed Wheeler Yuta to Hey (EW) and the pair discussed the potential for Yuta to shave his beard. RJ asked if Yuta was worried about shaving and being forgotten forever. Yuta explained why he was worried about that, noting that there is an awkward phase to make it through.

“I’m worried about shaving and having to go through the awkward phase,” Yuta explained. “There was this really cool thing where we had to stay in our houses for a while [and I went through] the whole awkward phase [then]. So then once I got through the awkward stage — I’m more scared that if I wanted to shave it and grow it out again [that it’d be tough].

RJ referred to Yuta as a pioneer of wearing masks, noting how he wore one on the independent scene for many years. Asked why he made the switch and ditched the mask, Yuta said he grew a beard and had no need for it anymore.

“I don’t wear my pro wrestling mask anymore, that was kinda like my own thing. I was doing the Decoder thing on the independents and I decided to change it. To a beard, right. The bottom half of my face always felt naked,” Yuta noted, “so once I grew the beard out I evolved to no longer needing the mask. It was more like a pseudo-beard with lights for some reason, made out of leather.”

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