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Kenny Omega Understands The Confusion, But He Might Never Get To Talk About All Out Brawl

Kenny Omega wants everyone to know that he’s doing just fine.

During a recent appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Kenny Omega spoke about the now-infamous All Out brawl he was involved in and the legal issues that came as a result. Omega said that he’d been gone for months due to injury and something felt off when he came back. The result of the backstage fight was an incident that they can’t really talk about, except now other people in the industry will probably discuss it for years to come.

 “Then I felt like eight months and passed and it was time to come back. And it was kind of like the GIF of the dude walking in with the pizza boxes and the whole room is on fire. And I didn’t get it. I was like, what’s with this strange atmosphere? What’s with this strange aura? Why does something feel so ominous right now and I didn’t even know I couldn’t figure it out. And next you knew there was more stuff happening. It’s so surreal because it’s almost like it never even happened. It happened, of course, It happened. I hadn’t even gotten familiar with my surroundings yet or re-familiarized backstage with the new AEW at that point because I mean, there are new people in the locker room, and a lot had happened in eight months. So to kind of come back and see a lot of old faces, but then feel this erie sort of, you know, to feel like I was in Erie, Indiana for a second. Like, oh, boy. And then stranger things started happening. Where I was like, ‘Oh, man, what do I do? This isn’t right. Someone needs to be the voice of reason. This is silly.’ And things fell off the rails and we’re just involved in a very silly situation that people are probably going to be talking about for months and possibly years to come. I don’t know.” 

When asked if it bothers him that people are still talking about it six months later, Kenny Omega said that he initially felt like things would blow over, but it’s not as simple as that.

“Here’s the way that I look at it. I’ve been involved in competitive sports, contact sports at the highest level. Some people on our roster have. Some people on our roster have not. I feel like if you have you’ve probably been in a spat or two with a teammate. And maybe sometimes, a time or two, it might come to blows. It happens. So, coming from that sort of background, there was a point to it all when I felt like, ‘Oh, this just happens we’re gonna get over it. Let’s just calm down and talk it over. We’re all doing okay here. You know, we’re getting it out of our system. No problem, but let’s maybe stop?’ But we just don’t live in that world anymore I suppose. Sometimes there are things especially now when you’re in a multibillion-dollar industry where there are sponsorships on the line TV deals on the line. It’s not like high school football. It’s not a little tif that you might have with someone on your fellow amateur wrestling team or whatever or maybe someone who held a submission too long in jujitsu training. It’s not that and these things that shouldn’t even be happening. It’s a shame that the general public and a lot of people aren’t ever going to know what went down and how it could have been prevented or how it could have ended differently. That’s just sort of how things go again, when it’s a big business operation. I don’t think anyone is happy that it happened or is proud that it happened or anything like that. I think across the board everyone thinks it was a terrible situation that was unnecessary.”

Omega went on to say that he understands why some remain confused about the situation, and that’s the worst part about not being able to explain things.

“There was a while when and I can understand the confusions. It’s sort of like, ‘Hey, we know this thing happened. We heard this thing happened. It’s all over the dirt sheets. Why don’t we know what happened?’ And it’s like we were gone. And we’re kind of sworn to secrecy. We can’t say anything legally. That was the poopy part where I was like, ‘Well, why doesn’t anyone tell us what’s happening?’ And then you’re forced to form your own opinion, or to come up with your own theory as to what exactly happened. And especially when it’s like, ‘Well, I’m more of a fan of one person than the other. So here’s the way I’m going to create the story so that it puts this person in the best possible light.’ It might be that. Chances are it’s something else. Or it might be a combination of various theories. We might never get to speak about it. But what’s important was no one was seriously injured, emerging from that, and I’m so thankful for that. And we’ve moved on with life. I’m completely fine. It doesn’t dictate what I do what I say. I’m sure The Bucks are in the same boat. I can’t speak to the other parties. Hopefully they are doing well and I mean that. That’s the finish.”

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If you use this transcription, credit WrestleZone and link back to this post.

If you use this transcript, credit WrestleZone and link back to this post.