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The Gunns: Danhausen Should Be Grateful To Us, We Got Him A Job

Danhausen bestowed an unfortunate nickname on The Gunns, but they feel like he should actually be thanking them for something.

The Gunns recently spoke with WrestleZone about their tag team title defense at AEW Revolution. There, they will face off against three teams, one of which will now include Danhausen.


Prior to learning that Danhausen (and Orange Cassidy) would be in the match, The Gunns were asked about the “very nice, very evil” one contributing to their popularity. As it turns out, they don’t think he helped at all.

“We got him a job. He should be grateful to us. He made an off-hand comment that we did not like,” Colten Gunn said. “I’m glad you didn’t say the nickname, and now he has a job.”

“He didn’t make us popular,” Austin Gunn said. “We were gonna be popular no matter what. You can’t stop our momentum. And then Danhausen, whoever the hell he was at the time, wasn’t popular. He was a nobody. He was on the Jericho Cruise and had us do his comedy show because he couldn’t hold it on his own and then made a comment about ‘Ass Boys’. Then when we got off the ship and went to Dynamite every week, the entire arena was calling us Ass Boys. So, whatever. Thanks for ending this on a good note.”

Ring Of Honor Return?

Austin Gunn also spoke about his time in Ring Of Honor during the latter half of 2019. Austin was asked if he’d like to revisit the promotion under Tony Khan. He said the first run wasn’t the best experience for him, but he believes The Gunns would excel if he went to that brand.

“My first run at ROH, it wasn’t the greatest. I wasn’t in the right mindset. I gained 25 pounds, I wasn’t ready to be on my own yet. And then when Colten came in, he held me more accountable and I was already in a better mindset of what it takes to be in this business, working out every day, eating right, and being dedicated to this craft. Going to Flatbacks with Shawn Spears and learning from Tyler Breeze and doing that when we weren’t required to,” Austin said. “I know we’re good in the ring and I know we can take some time off and come to Dynamite and perform well. We wanna be the best, so if we have to pull double duty, that’s just another thing. If we have to face three tag teams at Revolution, that’s just another thing. We’re always in the deep end every single time and we’ll swim.”

The Gunns will defend their titles against The Acclaimed, Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal, and Danhausen & Orange Cassidy at AEW Revolution on March 5.

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