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Taya Valkyrie Pitched John Hennigan Using ‘Johnny Valkyrie’ As His Ring Name

Could Johnny and Taya Valkyrie be the hottest power couple in professional wrestling?

All Elite Wrestling‘s Taya Valkyrie recently sat down with WrestleZone’s own Bill Pritchard to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about her husband’s multiple last names in the world of professional wrestling, she says it changes non-stop and that she can’t keep track of it anymore.

“Yeah, it’s always Johnny-something, right? Maybe? I’d have to look back and really think about it because the name changes perpetually non-stop,” Taya Valkyrie said. “So he’s just John, Johnny to me. That’s all that matters. Johnny husband, it works, whatever.”

John Hennigan previously said there was talk of him using “Johnny Fusion” in MLW, but that got nixed once the league shifted focus to its new show, MLW Underground. Pritchard noted how it might be the first time she’s worked with “John Hennigan” but she simply uses his first name to stay up to date.

“The cheat sheet for that is to just refer to him as John or Johnny, and then you’ll never make a mistake. Because I also can’t keep track, just like all of you. So I just refer to him as John or Johnny whenever we’re at work, on television, or even at home. That’s his name, and it makes it much easier for me.”

Johnny Valkyrie

It was suggested that she should have tried to get him to use “Johnny Valkyrie” on TV. Taya said she’s still holding out hope it happens at some point.

I pitched it. I’m really hoping someday; maybe, I don’t know,” Taya Valkyrie said. “I told him, ‘I just think you should be Johnny Valkyrie. It just makes sense. We’ll just be the Valkyries; we sound cool. Come on.”

Lucha VaVOOM

When asked about Lucha VaVOOM making its debut in Las Vegas in April, Valkyrie couldn’t hide her excitement about the company

“This company has a 20-year legacy, and it is a staple in the downtown Los Angeles area with multiple shows a year. I’ve always thought that it is made for Las Vegas. It’s made to be on the strip and having different types of people from all over the world see it. It’s really exciting, I just got goosebumps,” she said. “Everyone should make sure to get tickets if you’ll be in Vegas at the end of April. That’s our first stint, and then we’ll be returning in October.

“Just expect what you expect from Lucha VaVOOM, just over the top, crazy, fun, lucha libre, burlesque, and comedy and show. It’s a variety. It’s exciting from start to finish, and to be part of this first run in Las Vegas is a huge deal. I come from the theatre and dance world, so 10-year-old me is very excited to be performing on the Las Vegas strip.”

You can check out more of WrestleZone’s interview with Taya Valkyrie below:

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