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IMPACT Wrestling Results – March 16, 2023

IMPACT Wrestling Results – March 2, 2023

Welcome to WrestleZone’s live coverage of IMPACT Wrestling! We open with a video package highlighting how Mickie James beat Gisele Shaw with help from Deonna Purrazzo last week.

Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham vs. Decay

Gresham and Steve start things off as Gresham locks Steve up for an attempted Octopus. They lock up in the middle with Steve getting back into the ropes before he bites Gresham’s hand. Decay double team Gresham as Bailey gets taken out. Taurus tags in and picks Gresham apart briefly. Steve back in and works the arm again. Bailey gets the tag and kicks Steve several times before landing a running shooting star press, cover. Steve bites Bailey’s toes, but Bailey counters with more kicks and they both go down.

Taurus knocks Gresham off the apron before slamming Bailey down onto his knee for a backbreaker and then a Samoan Drop. Gresham breaks the cover and dumps Steve out of the ring. Gresham moonsaults on Taurus before Bailey moonsaults out onto Steve. Bailey plants knees on Taurus, cover. Steve runs Gresham into the pin attempt to break it. Gresham takes Steve back out. Bailey tornado kicks across the ring. He goes up top and hits Ultimo Weapon on Taurus for the win.

Winners: Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham

Bailey and Gresham passive aggressively congratulate each other before shaking hands.

Alexander, Swann, and Kazarian are interviewed backstage. Josh hypes them up as a decorated trio capable of beating both Bullet Club and Time Machine. Kaz discusses his history with both MCMG and Bullet Club. Maclin interrupts as Swann starts to speak. Maclin plants seeds of dissension.

Gia Miller then interviews Gisele Shaw and company. Shaw said she was this close, but Purrazzo is jealous of her and screwed her over. Shaw says Deonna will have a receipt coming at Sacrifice. Swinger and Dice interrupt. Swinger challenges Jai Vidal to a match thinking he’s not a wrestler.

Steve Maclin vs. Heath

Lock up to start. They end up in the corner and Maclin retreats before locking up again. Heath applies a headlock. Heath splashes in the corner and delivers a chest chop. Maclin does a chop of his own and takes Heath down with a lariat. After the break, Maclin chases Heath outside the ring. Back inside, Maclin covers for a two. Maclin lands a backbreaker, but Heath still kicks out.

Maclin applies an abdominal stretch. Heath manages to hip toss Maclin away from him. Heath throws punches and then leg lariats before connecting with a powerslam, cover. Heath runs to the corner but gets hung up in a tree of woe. Maclin hits caught in the crosshairs. Heath gets to his feet but runs into a KIA from Maclin and it’s over.

Winner: Steve Maclin

Death Dollz talk backstage. Taya sends Jessicka off to indulge in bottomless mimosas. Once she runs off, Taya confronts Rosemary about her possibly finding out they used magic to make Havok turn into Jessicka.

Elsewhere, PCO is out in the Vegas desert still searching for Eddie Edwards.

In the locker room, Bailey and Gresham agree to a rematch at Sacrifice.

Johnny Swinger vs. Jai Vidal

Vidal starts off with a dropkick when Swinger wanted a test of strength. Vidal body slams Swinger and connects with an elbow drop. Vidal goes up top but Zicky grabs his foot. The ref ejects Zicky, allowing Swinger to wrap Jai up in the ropes briefly. Shaw and Evans end up getting ejected, which leads to Purrazzo attacking them on the ramp. Security has to split them up. Back in the ring, Vidal hits a running knee for the win.

Winner: Jai Vidal

Backstage, Deaner talks about how Callihan attempted to join The Design. Last week, Callihan suffered a loss to Rhino. Callihan interrupts and agrees to take his punishment like a man.

We see PCO walking in Vegas again, still looking for Edwards.

Mickie James confronts Tommy Dreamer backstage after she learns Santino has booked them vs. Bully Ray and Masha Slamovich next week. Jordynne Grace interrupts and questions how wise it is for Mickie to battle Masha just 24 hours before their title match at Sacrifice.

Eddie Edwards segment

Eddie Edwards makes his way down to the ring. Eddie says it’s time to let bygones be bygones. He’s ready to let the past live in the past, but PCO keeps haunting him. Eddie believes that after last week, his beef with PCO is officially over. We see a replay of PCO getting hit by the car during their desert brawl. Suddenly, PCO starts to make his way to the ring when Kenny King attacks from behind. King and Edwards try to double team him, but PCO chokes them both at one point.

King kicks PCO a couple times before Edwards delivers one of his own. PCO is thrown into the steel steps. PCO still manages to get up and throws King over the ropes. Eddie whacks him with a kendo stick and King dropkicks him from the top. Eddie hits Boston Knee Party as King holds a chair against PCO’s head. Eddie delivers one more kendo stick shot and PCO convulses.

Santino Marella reunites with the former Vladimir Kozlov backstage, but Dango isn’t allowed to say his name due to trademark purposes… and then Joe Hendry appears, requesting a rematch against Brian Myers. Dango says he’s a big fan of Hendry. Santino books Myers vs. Hendry for Sacrifice.

Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: Death Dollz (c) vs. The Coven

King and Valkyrie start with a lockup. Rosemary comes in and tosses King across the ring, allowing Wilde to tag in. Rosemary bites Wilde, which brings King and then Taya back in. Death Dollz clear the ring heading into commercial. We come back to see King wailing away on Rosemary. King drives Rosemary into the turnbuckle as Wilde tags back in. Rosemary wraps Wilde up with Upside Down in the ropes. Taya is back in with kicks and a clothesline to King.

Taya hits Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Taya whips her across the ring and then hits a running hip attack and then a double knees. King suplexes Taya after Wilde hits her in thhe ropes. Rosemary spears Wilde when she tries to interfere again. Rosemary and Taya both punch King. King rolls Taya up for a two. King roundhouses Taya and drops her on her face and covers for the three.

Winners AND NEW: The Coven

The following matches are set for next week’s show:

  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Savannah Evans
  • Moose & Brian Myers vs. Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango
  • The Design vs. Time Machine

Josh Alexander, Rich Swann & Frankie Kazarian vs. Bullet Club (KENTA, Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

Kaz and Bey start with wrist locks. Bey delivers a chest chop in the corner. Ace and Swann come in next as Ace springboard dropkicks Swann before applying a headlock. Ace and Swann run around until Swann lands a dropkick. Alexander and Kenta meet in the middle with a lockup until it hits the ropes. Kenta gets in a cheap shot before they trade forearm strikes. Josh hits a rolling senton but Ace holds him in the corner. Swann and Kaz come to the aid of the champ before the break.

We come back to find Swann and Bey duking it out. Bey dropkicks and covers. Ace comes in and stomps Swann in the heel corner. Bey returns and backflips onto Swann for a cover. Kenta kicks Swann in the chest a few times before trying a pinfall. Swann breaks free and tags Kaz who takes Bey down with clotheslines, cover. Alexander plants Bey, setting up a 450 splash from Swann. Josh crossbodies Ace out of the ring.

Josh and Kenta scrap on the outside, which brings out everyone else. Swann flips onto Ace before kicking Bey to prevent a dive. Kazarian catches Bey with a cutter as they both land on the pile. Action breaks down again inside the ring. Josh and Kenta duke it out. Josh tries to spike Ace, but catches a glimpse of Maclin watching the match. Swann tries to manage both Ace and Kenta. Art of Finesse and The Fold finish off Swann for the three.

Winners: Bullet Club

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