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Tyrus Promises To Make Chris Adonis Hit Rock Bottom At NWA 312

Tyrus talks about what’s next for him as NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion and the impending challenge of Chris Adonis.

For the first time under the Billy Corgan regime, the National Wrestling Alliance heads to Chicago, Illinois on Friday, April 7 to present NWA 312. In the main event of that show, Tyrus will defend his NWA World’s Title against Chris Adonis.

Speaking about this match during a recent appearance on the Two-Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Tyrus recapped his recent history as champion and said “next man up.”

“Well, I guess it’s next man up, and this time just Chris Adonis, so I just I’m just coming off a successful title defense in Mexico. You know, hopefully, Daga gets well soon. You know, he’s the second opponent that I faced that’s ended up being escorted out in the wheelchair. So you know, it’s a tough game that we’re in. Mims when I defended the world television title ended up that like that, and then Daga but hopefully he gets well soon. And I told him, him in AAA that he wants a rematch anytime. He’s Welcome to have it,” Tyrus said. “But it’s on to the next one. Chris has been he’s been barking pretty loud. Apparently, I’m his chance at redemption. I mean, he’s gonna make all his demons go away if he could beat me, but I don’t think he’s really thought it through.”

Continuing on, Tyrus noted that he believed he was just going to end up facing Trevor Murdoch and was surprised when Adonis got by Trevor. Tyrus also noted he has a history with Adonis dating back to their days as bouncers and says that this fight is tailor-made for him.

“I feel like I’m definitely the favorite going into this. We’ll see what happens when the bell rings, but I’m 100% focused and actually excited to put my hands on him too. Because here’s the thing, you really don’t know what you’re going to do until you hit rock bottom. And I don’t even use that move, but I might have to in this one. So once he’s hit rock bottom, we’re gonna see what he’s really made of, I don’t think he’s ever been truly at rock bottom in wrestling. I think he’s always kind of been in the conversation,” Tyrus said regarding his opponent at NWA 312. “We’ll see what he’s going to do the day after the pay-per-view because I’m walking in with my 12 pounds and I’m walking out with my 12 pounds, and he’s gonna have to do some reflecting. I wish him well with that because, as I said, I want everyone to be successful. But the NWA has got a lot of buzz going around it and the reason for that buzz is the man who’s sitting on top of the mountain and that is me and I have no intention of giving up my seat anytime soon.”

WrestleZone will have live coverage of NWA 312 when it airs on Friday, April 7.

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